Soles of Silk Wallpaper Design Contest Results

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

What started out looking to be another slow Design Contest turned out to be quite good. The first time I ran a Wallpaper Design contest there were 25 entries submitted. With the popularity from that first one, the next one I thought would go over big. I was wrong and the second one only saw nine total entries sent in. I really thought the turn out would be closer to the second contest this time around too, but with some last minute submissions, the total ended up matching that of the first contest at 25.

I must say I was quite pleased with the diversity of the model selection, the artwork itself, and the creativity that went into them designs. Not liking to be the one to judge these contests, I once again asked two of the sole mates to do it for me. I would only have served as a tie breaker if they're scoring resulted in ties. That didn't happen, however, and Charlee and Mindee took some time to check out all of your submissions and rank their favorites.

One thing I've come to learn with art/design is that everyone likes something different. I saw all the entries as they came in and I really took a liking to certain ones and thought they'd be the ones the girls would also like best. Well, when Mindee sent her picks in, she picked some different ones than I had liked. I thought to myself, "That's interesting. Now let's see what Charlee thinks."

The first grand prize went to this design using Lady Steph's feet.

Charlee's picks varied from Mindee's and even mine, so I really needed to rely on the scoring system I had come up with to rank the picks from both girls. When all was said and done, one of the grand prize winners scored above and beyond the others and was a clear cut winner (top). The second grand prize winner edged another submission by a single point (bottom). Yeah, it was that close. After that, many of the entries shared scores that were quite close as well.

All in all, I was very happy with everything that was sent in and thank everyone for taking the time to participate. I hope all the winners enjoy their membership time and let me know what they think. And of course, feel free to show me some more of those artistic skills, should you chose to make some more artwork. I'll send you whatever images you like from the site in a higher resolution version if you're feeling creative.

The second grand prize winner and they're "sweet" idea.
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