The Good & Bad of August 2010

Jamie posed for this set in our mutual friend's bobble head room - yes, an entire room.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Good: I got in two more photo shoots with Jamie - including a comic book fan girl set follow up to Mindee's Piggies & Power Girl set that was featured at Wu's Feet Links and a bobble head themed set done in a mutual friend's bobble head room with more than 850 bobble heads.

Jamie left for school at the end of last week and is now over three hours away. Good thing I got about six sets of her to tie me over until I see her next.

Good: I should be having two brand new models posing within the next two weeks. One is the younger sister of a friend of mine who pasted away during our senior year of high school in 1997. The other is a girl who attended the same high school as me - someone who I always thought was gorgeous, and who is also a friend of Carmen's.

Bad: I had plans to shoot Kelsey this weekend when she came back home for a visit, but she didn't come through - first changing our plans and then just not answering my texts about whether we were shooting.

Good: Kayleigh should be shooting quite a few sets with me this coming week before the end of summer, including some beach themed ones.

I was really hoping to shoot Katie on a regular basis, but it doesn't look to be the case.

Bad: Katie might be one and done since she got back with a boyfriend who, according to her, wouldn't let her do much of anything. Why girls go back to guys like that, I'll never know.

Good: I bought an HTC Evo a couple of weeks ago and the camera on it does better video quality than the camera I have been using. It will do 720p HD, which I know isn't the highest standard of HD, but it is better than what I had. Look for some of these clips to be popping up soon.

Bad: Converting the clips from the phone to a format my video editing program can read has been a bitch. I finally figured it out, but from the start I kept running into the issue of the clips rendering and playing like they're in fast forward.

My plate has been full with future plans for photos. Not only do I have my two friends and Kayleigh's shoots upcoming, I've been trying to schedule in some other girls like Charlee, Mindee, Abby, Chloe, Kellie, and Ginger - just to name a few.

Bad: My plate has been full with future plans that hinder my ability to schedule photos. I supposed to being to New York with my buddy, have a friend's wedding and then I go and get caught by a speed monitoring camera and have to pay that damn fine.

Got a couple nice entries for the Wallpaper Design Contest.

Bad: I only got a couple entries total.

Good: Been working on some redesign work for this site. I have wanted to give it a face lift for sometime now. Scrapped the first idea, but am liking the second one.

Bad: With all my time wrapped up, this redesign is taking a lot of time.

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