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25 Fun Soles of Silk Model Facts

Jaylee Austin (left) & Layla are only one set of relatives who have modeled for the site.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

I just got myself an HTC Evo 4g phone last week and downloaded a few apps for it. A couple of them were of the trivia and useless fact variety. I thought some of the facts were neat, so I thought I'd come up with 25 facts about the Soles of Silk models to share with all of you.

1. Although Madison is currently in the lead with having the most photos on the site at 1,832, the site's second place model, Cierra, is 117 photos behind (1,715), but has three sets waiting to be posted. Madison has been MIA since meeting her new boyfriend and has no photos waiting to be posted. So it looks like Cierra will easily slide into first soon.

2. These girls are related to one another in the following manner: Bethany & Natalie (cousins), Jaylee Ausin & Layla (sisters), Kellie & Kimmie (twin sisters), Lauryn & Molly (sisters in law), Marcy, Mindee & Mariah (cousins).

3. In the last two years the site has added six new models who were the tender age of 18. Those models are: Charlee, Colleen, Jamie, Katie, Kayleigh and Marcy.

Kelsey's feet have gotten so much attention from me.

4. Even though I dated Abby for about a year and half right out of high school, I'd have to guess that the girl on the site who I've given the most foot rubs to is Kelsey.

5. Six girls on the site have tattoos on their feet. They are: Cierra, Dani Dare, Danielle, Katie, Kayleigh* and Mindee. *Kayleigh hasn't posed for a set since getting hers.

6. Ginger holds the record of 11 years from the first time I asked her to pose until she actually decided to do it. I asked her back when I ran The 10 Little Piggies, but she never did it. She finally agreed to do it this year.

7. As long as our schedules don't change, the next model slated to pose will be Jamie, a week from today. I had two ideas for her to do before she leaves to go away to school.

8. 25. The number of models on the site that I have worked with between two different jobs in the last 15 years.

How fun was this set with Cierra? Words cannot describe...

9. Cadbury Egg, Blueberry Pancakes*, Blueberry Pie, Watermelon, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Donut Holes and Trix Cereal. These are all the foods that Cierra has found under her sweaty little feet and stuck between those playful little toes since she first posed. *The pancake set has yet to be published by time this was written.

10. Seven of the site models: Abby, Amber, Andrea, Kim T., Krystie, Madison and Wendy all appeared on my free site, The 10 Little Piggies, back when I was in college. I had originally planned on relaunching it shortly after it closed and Carmen, Kimmie and Kellie had posed for photos, but they were never placed online as I didn't go forward with the relaunch.

11. Carmen, Cierra, Kellie, Kimmie and Mindee have all done feature sets on Wu's Feet Links representing Soles of Silk. Kim T., Lady Steph, Lexi, and Lisa Tyler have also done them, but representing their own sites/groups.

12. I probably spend more time talking to Kellie about photo set ideas than any other model on the site. Working together and doing the same job has allowed for tons of conversations on possibilities. Now if we just had the time...

13. The farthest I've driven to shoot a model for this site would have to be Lexi, which was around seven total hours going from Maryland to Rhode Island.

14. Kayleigh is the only model who I've posted sets of in back to back weeks. Those sets were her Tootsie Roll and Blow Pop sets - sets she shot on the day she turned 18 and I posted on the week before and the week of Halloween.

15. I've only shot two sets featuring four models in them. The first was the Dodgeball set with Carmen, Cheri, Kellie and Kimmie. The second was a Christmas Stockings set with Bethany, Lauryn, Madison, and Molly.

16. At the time this was written, the last model to pose for me was Jamie at Wildwood, NJ, where she did five total sets. Before her, it was Jordana who also did five sets.

17. The messiest set I've ever shot is without a doubt Marcy's Mud/Storm set. I asked her to do a mud puddle set, but it was her idea to lay in it and roll around. I'm not complaining!

18. The model whose feet you can find on my computer's wallpaper as this is written belong to Charlee. On my HTC Evo is Ginger. And the Playstation 3's wallpaper features Mindee.

19. The last model I hung out with (non-shoot related) was today and is Cierra. I helped her with some computer graphics stuff for invitations. On her feet she wore a pair of bright orange Chuck Taylor's (her favorite shoes).

20. Models who I've recently spoken with about doing some new sets within the next month are: Charlee, Ginger, Jamie, Katie, Kayleigh, Kelsey, and Taylor.

21. Since Molly debuted on the site, no other model has posed who has a shoe size larger than her at a size 11.

Wendy (left) & Nessa doing some tailgating.

22. Andrea, Cierra, Lauryn, Mindee, Nessa, Precious and Wendy have all posed for Baltimore Ravens themed sets over the years. Ginger is slated to do this year's set.

23. Both Colleen and Katie sent me messages this week on my phone that had photos of their feet attached to them.

24. When Soles of Silk opened, the eight original models that could be found on it were: Amber, Cierra, Lauryn, Lisa Tyler, Madison, Maria, Mindee and Sue Lovely.

25. At the time this was written, the last model whose feet I rubbed was Charlee's. It was after she went to school and her feet were nice and soft.

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