Jamie Preview - Wildwood Foot Fun

Jamie is Soles of Silk's newest model - who just turned 18.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Two weeks ago I debuted a coworker/friend who just turned 18 named Katie. Now here I am doing it again. Just yesterday I took a trip to Wildwood, New Jersey for a day of photos with a another coworker/friend of mine named Jamie. On Sunday she turned 18 and on Monday she was before me posing for what turned out to be five sets worth of pictures.

Having girls pose right after they turned 18 isn't exactly new around here. Kelsey, Marcy, and Katie all posed within days of theirs and Kayleigh actually posed the day she turned the big one - eight. Just like the girls listed above, Jamie works with me and knows a bunch of the girls at work who have posed. She's been wanting to pose for a bit and has even been telling me things she wanted to do. A few months ago she asked me if she could do something with shells when she could finally pose. I said sure and recommended that we take a trip to the beach for the day since her birthday would be in July. That is exactly what we did too.

Living in Maryland, I've used Ocean City a number of times for sets with Molly, Bethany, Precious and even though it was indoors, Cierra. Kellie did some photos about an hour's drive north of Ocean City a few summers ago in Bethany Beach in Delaware. This time around I wanted to go somewhere else - somewhere my grandparents used to take me and my brother when we were kids. Wildwood, N.J. was the place I came up with and Jamie was all for it.
From where we live it is about a three hour ride to get to Wildwood. We left nice and early, even though it took Jamie an extra hour to get her lazy butt up. I couldn't be mad at her though as it was her birthday the day before and I kind of expected she'd be dead to the world in the morning.

About two hours into the trip Jamie had her feet up on the dashboard of my 350z. I made some kind of comment about that being a distraction to a guy like me. She didn't hear me and thought I was telling her not to put her feet on the dash. Apparently a guy she's talking to has a BMW and gave her crap about doing that in his car. I said, "No, go ahead. I was just making a joke. But while they're up there, you could at least take some photos of them for some extra content."

Jamie laughed, but grabbed my camera and began taking some photos.

Jamie fell asleep only minutes away from our destination.

When we were 10 minutes outside Wildwood, I looked over at Jamie and she was asleep. I laughed thinking to myself that she was up the entire time and now that we're here, she's snoozing. It was actually a little snoring that alerted me to it. She still had my camera out, so I snapped a little off-centered photo. Hey now, no criticism about taking this photo. Like I said, I was driving and I didn't want to have a fender bender.

Without going into every detail here, Jamie ended up posing for five total sets on the day. With her planning on going to school out of state, we decided to go all out and take a bunch. We're already planning on squeezing in another set or two before she heads off that way I'll have a lot of content of her to hold me over until one of her breaks.

Every set we shot ended up being good, especially the first one that you can see as this week's coming soon previews. If you happened to be watching the beach cam on the Wildwood web site around 11 a.m., you would have seen us doing the set live. Thought about telling everyone to check that cam out, but I had no idea when we'd be shooting at that exact location.

In the other four sets Jamie ended up doing a roller coaster themed set (a nice follow up to Mindee's), a Polish ice food smashing one on the boardwalk, one in a bikini with the shells that she had been wanting to do, and finally with the sun starting to go down, one by some sand dunes in a pair of really dirty flip flops.

Well, be sure to check back next week to see Jamie's debut set. Until then, I hope you enjoy these fun behind the scenes photos I'm putting with this column which include shots from the car and then two on a Footsie Wootsie foot massage machine that was on one of the ride piers. We couldn't pass that up.

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