1K Club - Mindee's Milestone & Vacation Photos

With this set, Mindee goes over the 1,000 photo mark on the site.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

It feels just like the other day I was bringing you all kinds of Mindee related items. Two months ago she became the sixth model and was in the fifth photo set from Soles of Silk to be posted on Wu's Feet Links in his feature gallery section. Very happy with the way things turned out, I also made some comic book based wallpapers featuring photos from that set as well that you can find in the downloads section.

And here I am two months later talking her up again in another column. This week Mindee's Playground set put her over the 1,000 photo mark. Two photos over, to be exact at 1,002. This puts her up there with only a handful of models including: Cierra (1,654), Kellie (1,332), Layla (1,478), Madison (1,832), and Wendy (1,054). And next week, another model will make that list as Kimmie is sitting at 989 photos and is set to be next week's update.

I'm very happy to see Mindee's photo count rise. I've always enjoyed spending time with Mindee and taking her photos is always good times. Our schedules don't always match up, but lately we've been finding ways to squeeze in a set or two whenever possible. Just a little over a week ago Mindee wore a pair of flats all day (my request) and did a flats set out on her front porch. Yes, they smelled. Right, Mindee?

A couple of days after that shoot Mindee was headed south on vacation and I playfully told her I expected to see some photos of her little toes in the sand. I wasn't thinking she'd remember to take them, but low and behold the photos above popped up on my computer the other day. I quickly told her I loved them. And funny thing about the top one, she had her husband take the photo for me. I told her he could be my apprentice with great photos like that.

Looking to the future, I'm hoping to get some photos in with Mindee this coming Monday. We're heading out to an amusement park with some friends. Not sure how I'm going to do this set as I don't want anyone from the park giving me shit. It might end up being a mini-set or a bunch of random photos by rides all over the park during the course of the day. She's excited about the trip and the photos as am I.

Further out, I still plan on getting Mindee to pose with her cousin, Marcy. Marcy has been a huge hit here since making her debut with the Barely Legal set and I've had numerous requests to get them to pose together. I was already planning on that and know it will be nothing short of amazing as those two both have adorable size 8 feet that I just adore.

I'll see you again next week when Kimmie makes her rise over the 1,000 photo mark too.
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