Mindee's Wu's Feet Links Feature Update

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Several months ago Wu from Wu's Feet Links approached me about doing yet another feature set for his well known Feature Model section. I have done four of these sets in the past and I consider it an honor to be asked each and every time. The first of these feature sets was Carmen's Blue Jeans & Toes set. The second set was Wu's first duel model feature and showcased the twins, Kimmie and Kellie in the Football Fun set. The following year Madison laid across my bed and counted her pennies in her Piggy Bank & Piggies set. And the most recent feature set was Cierra's very popular Size & Foot Tease set. Fast forward a year and I just shot the newest feature set for Wu's section with none other than Mindee.

I was very happy when Wu told me that he wanted this year's set to feature Mindee. For someone who told me that she thought her feet were ugly when I was starting this site years ago, she sure has done a 180 and loves being in front of my camera and posing for all of you. I often remind her that she had told me back when I first asked her to pose that she'd only do it, "if I really needed someone to do it." 

Of course I told her I "really needed her to pose." And once the site went live and I began getting emails about her in my inbox and comments about her on Wu's Forum and the Soles of Silk Forum, I began to forward them to her so she could see that people really love her size 8 feet. I guess it worked!

Mindee's pedicure for her upcoming feature set on Wu's Feet Links.

About a week ago we were planning to get together to do this set. I asked her to do her toes in a dark blue as I thought it would fit the theme, which I'm not sharing (you'll have to wait until the feature is posted). A couple of days later Mindee sent me the above photo to my cell phone. I knew all the lovers of blue toenails were going to go nuts. It's so neat how just a single color of toenail polish has such a huge following. I get so many requests for blue anyhow, so it was perfect that it matched the theme.

After having to reschedule twice within the week, I was really looking forward to getting these photos done. I always love getting together with Mindee to do photos. For years I've considered her to be a great friend and someone I can trust. She has a way of making me smile and sometimes even blush (isn't that right, Mindee?).

The shoot couldn't have went better. I brought over quite a few props for the theme, hurting my back in the process, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from seeing Mindee barefoot. After setting up the photo lamps (Mindee always helps me do this and is pretty good at it), I had her sit out in front of me and for the next hour or so, I got a bunch of great photos that I am sure you're going to love. Be sure to check back on the site and/or Wu's Feet Links to see when it gets posted.

In closing I'd like to thank two people. Wu, thanks for the opportunity to show my work your amazing site. It really is the best place on the web to find foot fetish content and make friends with other webmasters, models and every day people on the forums.

And lastly, Mindee, thank you for being one of my most dependable models and such a great friend. Like I said above, I really enjoy doing photos with you each and every time. You're a great looking gal and those size 8 feet you walk on are nothing less than breathtaking to me and all of your fans.

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