More Love in February

Kelsey sent me this photo of her feet for Valentine's Day.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Well, it's one week after Valentine's Day. I didn't spend the day with anyone, but having the treat of shooting Cierra's Valentine's set beforehand, sure was amazing. Since that time, some more love has been sent my way in the form of photos from three of my models via their cellphones. The photo above is none other than Kelsey - if you couldn't tell by those plump little toes. You don't know how much I adore those 10 little things.

Over the years I've had my hands on Kelsey's feet for countless hours. I might have spent more time rubbing her feet than I have some of my long term girlfriends in the past. I've had that privilege, and yes it is a privilege, since I met her. More times than not, each one of those massages would last for hours and go into the wee hours of the night, eventually ending up with her fast asleep and those feet still in my hands.

The reason I wrote that in past tense is because about a month ago Kelsey made the choice to move out of state for a change of pace. We've both chatted since and it didn't take long for her to tell me she missed the rubs. I told her I missed her feet. That's when she sent the photo above. She said they were cold when she took it. I wish I had been there to keep them warm.

Chloe stuck her bare feet right into the snow.

Speaking of warm, two other models sent me contrasting photos concerning warm/cold. For the last month it seems like Chloe and I have been chatting about doing some fun foot stuff in the snow. From experience, Mindee suggested a snow set years ago and it sure was tough. Mindee's feet were pretty much numb and turned red. Chloe still thought what we had planned would be fun and so did I. I asked her when she wanted to get together, but she hasn't gotten back to me on it. She did, however, send me a photo of her foot smashed into the snow to tease me. I really can't wait to get her back in front of the camera, snow or no snow.

Cierra wearing two different socks.

Another one of the models, however, found a cute way to keep her feet warm. And if anyone's feet always seem warm, it would be Cierra. After all, none of the other girls' feet sweat like hers. Anyhow, Cierra sent me a playful photo with each foot encased in a different patterned sock. I told her she's such a tease and she just laughed cause she knows it's true. I'm not complaining though. I love it.

While on the subject of snow, this area has seen nothing but snow the last few weeks. We have piles of snow 10-20 feet high along the sides of the road and in parking lots. While snowed in on one day last week, my friend told me she wanted to pose in the snow too. (What's with these girls?) Who is this girl? She hasn't posed yet. I've been after her for years and we are planning on doing some shots real soon. She just wanted to squeeze in a quick one with the unique background of several feet of snow. After scratching her eye, however, she told me she couldn't do it and I told her she was probably better of not putting her adorable feet in that cold stuff.

Just last night I got back in touch with a girl I used to go to high school with. I got to talking with her and asked her if she'd like to do some foot photos for the site and she said she sure would. I can't wait to get some plans with her as well.

On Monday a special day happened. One of my coworkers turned 18. She had already told me she wanted to pose for me, but I told her to wait for that big one-eight. For her upcoming debut, I got her a little shirt that reads, "barely legal." So just like Kayleigh and Kelsey, this girl will make her debut shortly after turning 18 (just not on the day of as the other girls did).

Lastly on the list of upcoming things is the current models who I've talked to about getting in some shots with. Mindee is set to be an upcoming Wu's Feet Links feature set, so be on the lookout for that. Abby told me she wants to pose soon as well and I can never turn down those super wrinkled soles. And another ex-girlfriend, Paige Noelle, contacted me today. She said that she moved back home (she was out of state) and wanted to know if I'd be up for doing some photos of her and her friend. Now if the weather would just warm up so I could at least have a place to park at everyone's houses when I go over to shoot.
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