Starting 2010 on the Right Foot

Had to get in a shot with Chloe, Kelsey, and Kayleigh while at the party.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

I spent New Years Eve over a friend's house with about 20 or so people. In attendance were three of the site's sole mates and I made sure to hand my camera off to a friend for a picture with all three, as you can see above. Can't say having Chloe's, Kelsey's, and Kayleigh's feet all on me at once was a bad thing!

The night was pretty tame, which is good as I can't stand stupid drama, or worse yet, stupid drunken drama. Another plus on the night was that I had several of the girls' feet in my hands for massages. I even was dared to eat several peanut M&M's out of one of the girl's toes. One of my friends who hates feet was telling me how gross it was. The girl, who isn't one of the sole mates, said it felt nice and laughed at him.

The last tidbit from New Years as far as feet is concerned, involved a friend of mine, who I really don't ever see unless it's at a party. He was offering his girlfriend and her feet to me for photos. He's a bit of a goof and always jokes about my site, but I do think he really wants her to pose. She is pretty indeed, with some nice feet - one of which sports a tattoo on the top. I got an email address from her and sent her the access information for the site. I am waiting to hear back from her. I really hope she decides to do it.

Kayleigh filled in for me last minute to shoot this Christmas themed set.

With all the holidays now over, I am looking forward to getting some camera time in. When I shot Kayleigh the week of Christmas for her Christmas Lights set, it had already been a few months since the last set I had shot. Actually Kayleigh was the last model I had shot before then and that was in October for the Halloween Blow Pops and Tootsie Roll updates. I've talked to Kellie about trying to squeeze in a day where she might be able to do a new set or two and I've asked Kelsey to do some soon as she may be moving.

The next holiday set should be Valentine's Day. I am looking to get Cierra in front of the camera for a sexy little set. I'm actually always looking to get Cierra in front of the camera. And if you didn't notice, with 2010 upon us, I changed my icon here on the columns to one with Cierra's damp sweaty foot on my face. I felt like a million bucks posing for that one in front of the camera set to a timer. Just wish I had a 20 minute timer in which to hold that pose. That one and the one with me licking the sweat right off her sole.

Some hot off the press news, before I wrap things up here. Kellie recently gave a set of twin sisters, who are friends of hers, the site login information to check out. I had seen these two twins come into our workplace and I saw that Kellie knew them. She told them about the site and asked if they'd be interested. It looks like they are. I'm not sure when I can do this, but I aim to have this new set of twin sisters pose with Kimmie and Kellie in a set together. And I thought one set of twins was an awesome feat!

Lastly, before heading off here I thought I'd let you all know that I've gotten a handful of 2009 Trivia Contest submissions. I was originally worried that I may have made the questions too hard, but it looks like people are doing better than I expected. As a member to the site, you have access to all the content to answer each one. The non-members do not. So take advantage and turn in your submissions. A free month worth of membership goes to the five highest scores.

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