A Look Back at 2009 on Soles of Silk

Charlee debuted her lovely feet in 2009.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Just a few weeks ago it felt like the start of football season. And not too long before that it felt like the start of summer. Before that baseball season was just getting under way. And just a little before that I was debuting the then newest sole mate to the site for New Year's day, Keira. It's hard to believe that 2009 has come and gone so fast. I don't know if I was just that busy and it flew by, or I'm just getting older and don't remember stuff. Probably a bit of both. Hopefully I'm not forgetting too much, however, because this column will be quite bare. So I try to hurry along the best I can to remember all the highlights of the year 2009 on Soles of Silk.

The site's first three model set was done in 2009 with Kimmie, Kellie, and Keira.

New Models
To start things off, I'm going to take a few moments to discuss each one of the site's models who debuted their feet over the course of this year, starting with the above mentioned, Keira.

Keira was met through my friend, and one of the site's main models, Kellie. I was able to get Keira to do a shoot with a New Year theme for her debut and then one with the twin duo of Kimmie and Kellie. Both sets were a huge hit with members and non-members.

A few months later, in March, the site saw back to back new sole mates. The first to debut in March was Layla's younger sister, Jaylee. Layla had mentioned to me that her sister was up for posing and told me her feet we also adorable. I jumped at the chance and Layla sure was right about her feet. To break her in the right way, I made her smash those little feet into a cheesecake. It's always fun to see a first timer's reaction to something like that. We did a few other shoots as well, some of which you should be seeing over the next few months.

Also making her debut in March was Briezzy Lane, a friend of Jordana's. Both were in town for a couple of days and Jordana asked me if I'd want to do some photos. She also asked me if I'd be up for getting a new model as well because her friend was looking to pose. I said sure and met them for a few sets, most of which haven't even been posted as of yet.

In May I debuted the site's next new model, Debbie D. Debbie actually contacted me looking to pose. She had apparently met Jordana at a modeling function and Jordana mentioned Soles of Silk to her. A few weeks later we came up with a plan to shoot and on one very rainy day I made two hour drive to take her photos. We ended up staying inside for the most part because of the weather, but did get in a set under the cover of her porch.

No new models found their way to the site over the course of the summer, but toward the end of September this week's model, Charlee, showed off her adorable feet. We had wanted to shoot a few weeks prior, but were unable to arrange anything. Charlee has become a trusted friend of mine and she can't wait to pose again. I know I can't wait to do some more shots with her.

The final model to make her debut this year did so like no other. I never had a debuting model have sets posted in two consecutive weeks until Kayleigh did with her back to back Halloween sets. What made these sets even better was the fact that they were done on her 18th birthday. I planned on just shooting her a few days afterward, but she wanted to do it on the day she turned 18. I sure wasn't going to argue.

Mindee, along with a few other models brought it strong in 2009.

Existing Models Who Came Strong
Since the site opened Madison has been the site's most photographed model. Even today she currently hold that crown. Since earlier this year, however, she's been almost impossible to get in touch with, let alone shoot due to a new relationship. Not being one to cause drama, I just decided to let her do her thing and if she wants to pose, awesome. If not, total bummer, but understandable.

With Madison's photo count staying still, a few models have begun to rise. Not all of them are close to taking over the lead as the most photographed model, but the following girls really came through in 2009 posing for more photos than usual - some of which remains future content as it is not all posted. These models include: Wendy, Mindee, Cierra, Layla, Kimmie, and Kellie. I don't foresee any of these six girls going anywhere anytime soon and I look forward to each and every shoot I get to do with them.

On the Horizon?
It's not always easy to know what the future will bring, but I have a few loose ideas and possibilities that may interest you.

The first of these are more new models. I missed out on a chance to photograph two friends of mine, who are also sisters, before they went away to college for the fall semester. I'm going to try to catch up with them before they go back.

There is also another girl who will be making her debut after turned 18 in February. She's friends with a few of the girls here who have turned 18 lately and the sister of a friend of mine. Add in that this friend's girlfriend may also be posing and there are a handful of new possibilities for the start of the new year.

And in closing, I've been slowly working on a site redesign. I have been wanting to modernize things here, but there is no timetable on this. You'll probably see this redesign first implemented in the guest section and then in the members area at a later date.

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