Mindee - Footography

Mindee has been modeling for quite a few new sets, which makes me quite happy!

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

It's time to take a special look at another one of the site's sole mates. This time around, Mindee is up to bat with her size 8 feet.

I've known Mindee for a number of years now. We met when she began working with me. Right away I thought she was a real sweet girl and we hit it off as friends. At the time I was not running Soles of Silk. A few years later, however, I was laying out my plans to do so and was thinking of girls that I knew who I could ask to pose. Mindee was one of those friends.

Initially Mindee was reluctant to pose, claiming that her feet were ugly. Now I knew that she was either pulling my leg or she just didn't think of her feet in the way that someone like you or myself would. I had seen her feet and knew that her feet certainly were not ugly. I didn't give up though and ended up getting her to agree to pose, "If I really needed her to." 

Well, of course I, "really needed her to."

In her first sets for Soles of Silk we drove out to a local college and I decided that Mindee was going to do a set that promoted one of the local pro sports teams, the Orioles. In the first set she was down in the dugout and in the next, sitting up on the fence by one of the foul poles. Looking at her size 8 feet that day I knew that I had to convince her to keep posing for me. Like I said above, I always thought of her as a great friend and I found her feet to be adorable. This was my first extended look at my weakness, her soles, and they were lovely.

After these first sets were taken, it took a few months to get the web site designed and take photos of some of the other debut models. It was shortly after the site opened that Mindee came to me wanting to do her next set. We were at work one afternoon and it was snowing for hours on end. Our manager decided to call it a day and close early. Mindee told me she wanted to do a set out in the snow. I asked her if she was serious. Not only did I know that it would be very cold, but my camera had also been sent in to be repaired. She swore her mother's camera was nice and said we could use it. Not wanting to turn the girl down, I went for it and got in her snow set. The poor girl's feet were ice cold and so red by the end of that one.

Over the next few years Mindee went on to do a number of other sets, even posing for one that I ultimately lost on my laptop of her with her cousin, Mariah, in front of a Baltimore City police station. Luckily the video clip somehow survived. Here is a look at Mindee's current footography, including lost and yet unpublished sets:

A funny thing happened over the elapsed time period from those first sets to the newest ones with Mindee. What used to be a shy friend of mine, claiming that her feet were ugly, has turned in one of my most dependable and energetic models I have. Every time I chat with Mindee she always tells me to let her know when I need her for more photos. If it was up to me, I'd shoot photos of her every day if I could.

Looking to the future I feel that Mindee will continue to be one of the site's mainstays. So many people have had so many great things to say about from the site debut to now. With each and every set I think Mindee has gotten more and more comfortable with posing those heavenly feet of hers for all of us. I can't wait to see her again to do some more photos. Any suggestions for themes? She's endured ice cold snow, posing her feet out in public with countless onlookers and even dealt with having Cierra's super sweaty feet, complete with clinging sock fuzzies in her hands. What do you all think should be next on Mindee's plate?

This set is still unpublished and will be added in the weeks and months to come.

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