Wendy - Footography

Wendy has been a go to model for me, even before Soles of Silk was opened.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

It is time to take another in depth look at one of the site's sole mates in what I've come to call a "footography." In the past we've looked at Madison, Kellie, Layla, and Cierra. Now I'd like to give another model some attention. She might not have 1,000 photos yet, but she's quickly on her way and sitting pretty with 858 and counting. This sole mate is none other than Wendy.

Last week I posted an amazing set of Wendy that we did at a park. In it, she's sitting in front of a small dam, showing off her adorable soles that I've loved since I first saw them in college about 10 years ago now. Man, how time flies!

When I first met Wendy all those years ago, she was a fellow classmate and artist. Dating Abby at the time and just coming into my own with the whole foot photography hobby, I quickly became known as the "foot guy" at our small art school. It was also during this time that I began asking other girls in my classes to kick off their shoes and pose. I used to do some more artsy photography, if you will, using their feet and then some downright casual photos of the girls as well. I'd use the artsy shots for stand alone photography and use the casual shots for my drawing, painting and computer graphic material.

The first time I asked Wendy to pose, I wasn't sure how she'd respond. Although we shared a few classes, I found her to be a little more private than some of the other girls. I decided to ask anyhow and was happy when she said sure. Back then, I also remember her saying she never painted her nails. That first shoot her toes were naked.

Over the two years we attended the same school together I met up with her a few times to do some photos. We became friends and luckily for me, she's been one of the few people I was able to keep in touch with since our college days.

While we busy in our art studies I managed to create my first foot fetish sites and Wendy was hands down the most popular model from those sites. One set in particular was the cause for more emails than any other. Wendy and I managed to meet up for a set. She had been living on a waterfront property and we did the set out on the pier, using some rope and the pilings. It was the first set I had done of her with her nails painted and boy were they bright - bright pink to be exact! She also wore a toe ring and had her tongue pierced. In one shot she stuck her tongue out and that was easily the favorite among site goers.

Fast forward all these years later and I'm running Soles of Silk. After opening the site I came across Wendy's contact information and decided to see if she might be open for baring those soles again. Knowing she had been so popular previously, it only made sense to get those sexy size 8's back on camera. Luckily for me, hell, and you, she agreed and we met to do our first sets in many years. We even got yelled at by an art museum security guard in her first set when she stuck her feet all over a sculpture. Oops!

Fast forward yet again and she's got those 858 photos on the site and has been in a handful of the site's clips and downloads. As expected, people enjoy seeing her updates and I love getting together with her to take new shots. Here is a complete look at her photos, posted and yet to be posted as of June 17, 2009:

As you can see, Wendy has also posed with two other models on the site. Both models, Ann and Nessa, are friends of Wendy and she got them to pose for me. Always nice when that happens!

I hope to keep bringing a steady influx of Wendy updates to the site. And if you're reading this Wendy, have a Happy Birthday you fellow June-r!

Wendy's soles have always been adorable to me, especially all the wrinkles along her arches.

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