Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Model Statuses 41-50: Natalie - Tiffany

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

A lot of my emails and instant messages focus on questions concerning a particular model. People want to know if I have upcoming material of a favorite girl or if I'm still even shooting her. Fielding so many questions on a great deal of models, I've decided to do an update column over the next few weeks talking about all the models on the site. Here is the fifth of those columns:

Last Update: Shoe Swap w/ Bethany
Future Status: Doubtful

If I would have wrote this column last year Natalie's future status would have been possible or certain. But I'm not writing this a year ago, I'm writing it today. Today I can't even get a response from the contact methods I have. I'm hoping that when I get with Bethany to do some more photos I can ask her to see why Natalie hasn't been answering me about doing more photos. I'd really like her to do some more shots. 


Last Update: Tailgating w/ Wendy
Future Status: Possible

Thus far I've only had the one shoot with Nessa (above, right). That set was last year's Ravens themed set. with Nessa and Wendy. I only had time to do one set that day, otherwise I would have had Nessa do a few then. I just recently met with Wendy for more photos and have plans to do so again next month. I'll be sure to see if she knows what Nessa is up to. 

Paige Noelle
Last Update: Candles
Future Status: Possible

Paige Noelle is another model who has only posed for one set so far. A couple of days after I began this column I ran into Paige going to the bank, on my way to do a photo set with Mindee. Paige brought up getting together to do some more photos, which made me happy. We dated for a few months years ago and she hated her feet and wasn't too crazy about the fetish either. After I posted her first set, people sent me quite a few emails asking how she could find her feet to be ugly. I told them I had no clue and made sure to send her the email compliments to prove her wrong. Maybe it worked? 

Last Update: Amusement Park Outtakes
Future Status: Doubtful

Early on, Precious was one of the regular models on Soles of Silk. She had done some regular modeling when she was in her teens and was no stranger to the camera when I asked her to pose. I always enjoyed having her in front of my camera, but she has always been someone who is hard to stay in touch with. After multiple changes to email addresses and such, I no longer have a means of contact. I am hoping to run into her to see if she'd be interested in getting back here on the site. If anything comes about, I'll be sure to let everyone know. 

Sara Swirls

Last Update: Sleepwear on the Couch
Future Status: Possible

Around Christmas in 2008, I caught up with Sara Swirls when she was in the area doing some videos for her own site. It had been quite a while since we had met up. She's been quite busy with life and her own site and we had not been in touch. When we finally got together months ago, we talked about her doing some more photos, but we haven't set any dates to do so. I am hoping we don't become strangers again for a long time as her soft size 8's are always a hit when they're posted. 

Last Update: Stream Feet
Future Status: Certain

Although I don't get to shoot Shayna on a regular basis, she and I have always managed to get together here and there to get in some photos. With the warm weather on the horizon, I am hoping that I might be able to speed up our time between shoots over the spring and summer so that we can all enjoy her and her feet on a more regular basis. 

Sue Lovely

Last Update: Parking Garage at Night
Future Status: Possible

The last time I shot Sue Lovely was before the site's launch. We met and did a number of sets, which I was able to use over the site's initial updates. Although we've managed to chat here and there online, we have yet to meet back up. Recently we discussed getting together again this spring/summer, so I am hoping to finally get those tiny Asian feet back on the site. 

Last Update: Foot Fun w/ Abby
Future Status: Doubtful

When Abby told me about her friend Taylor wanting to shoot I was game. When I saw Taylor for the first time, I was very game. I thought Taylor was quite the catch and it didn't take long for everyone here to take to her either. Up until last year I was in contact with Taylor and we had discussed getting together for some more shoots. It was also around that time that she began talking to someone and I lost touch with her. I've seen her a couple of times, but was unable to really chat. If I see her when I can talk, I'll ask her if she'd be game again. 


Last Update: Cupcakes w/ Abby
Future Status: Doubtful

Tiff is another model who came to me through Abby. I also knew Tiff's boyfriend, but had never really hung out with him when his girlfriend was around. Abby had and showed her, Tiff, the site. Since this time, neither of us have had much contact with Tiff, so I can't really say if she'd be up for posing again. If I am able to get in touch with her, I'll see what she thinks about it. I'd really like to get her back, but only time will tell. 

Last Update: Outdoor Shopping Center
Future Status: Doubtful 

Tiffany was someone I met through the same source as Danaya. Like Danaya, I've lost contact with Tiffany and am not sure how to get in touch with her. If I am able to find a means to contact her, I'll be sure to see what she's up to and if she wants to pose again.

Come back next week when I talk about the three remaining models on the site.

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