Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Model Statuses 31-40: Layla - Molly

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

A lot of my emails and instant messages focus on questions concerning a particular model. People want to know if I have upcoming material of a favorite girl or if I'm still even shooting her. Fielding so many questions on a great deal of models, I've decided to do an update column over the next few weeks talking about all the models on the site. Here is the fourth of those columns:

Last Update: Super Sweaty Sports Court Feet
Future Status: Certain

I just got together with Layla and her sister for some photos and always seem to have sets in waiting to post of her. Since I first met Layla we've gotten together every so often and did a bunch of photos each time. She's done holiday sets and posed with a handful of other sole mates. I don't think Layla is going anywhere anytime soon. 


Last Update: Wicker Chair
Future Status: Doubtful

How far would you travel for feet? Well, years ago I got in the car and drove about eight hours to see two of the most famous high arched feet online. Lexi was a blast to hang with for a day and photograph. I felt like a fanboy getting one of his biggest dreams to come true. Saying that, however, I'd be lying if I said I haven't really been in touch with her in quite some time. Maybe one day I will be able to figure out another day to make a trip to see her, but as it sits, I don't have any plans on the horizon to do so. 

Lisa Tyler

Last Update: Cold & Muddy Feet
Future Status: Possible

Lisa Tyler has been with the site since before I even had a site to post. She was willing to pose her sexy feet for me even though I had nothing to show of what I wanted to do with this site. She used to run her own site called Forever Feet and was one of Wu's Feet Links feature girls. It was so cool to meet up with her the first time and she did some of the very best poses I had shot at that time. Truth be told, I was nervous shooting her as I knew she had been in front of many camera, but she made it feel like long time friends and I couldn't have been happier with those first photos. Since then we were able to meet again and do some more fun photos. Now for the sad news, ever since I had to reformat my hard drive at the end of 2008, I have lost her contact information. I'm hoping she sends me a random email and we touch base again. 

Last Update: Harbor Pier
Future Status: Doubtful

Lizzie I only had the chance to meet once. I saw an online profile of her and contacted her about doing some photos. She was looking to do some shots and establish a small portfolio. I agreed to meet up with her and do some shots. We did two sets and I had a blast. We exchanged some emails after that, but then I just stopped hearing from her. I doubt she'll send me an email out of the blue, so I don't count on her posing again, sadly. I think she is a real cute and fun girl with really cute feet. 


Last Update: Valentine's Day Cards
Future Status: Certain

Do I really need to say that Madison is going to keep posing and posing and posing? Hell, she'll probably have a set go up in the next few weeks.

Last Update
: Hotel Bed
Future Status: Doubtful

Maria and I met before Soles of Silk was online. We contacted each other online and made a date to do some photos. She was one of the first people to pose for the site and I really wasn't used to using my then, new digital camera. Weeks after we shot, her email address was no longer valid and I had no other means of contact, nor have I for the last 4.5 years. 

Last Update: Tennis Shoes in the City
Future Status: Possible

If I would have wrote this a few weeks ago I would have probably said Mariah's future status was doubtful because I haven't shot or heard from Mariah in years. Being Mindee's cousin, I had intentions of asking Mindee about her soon. Well, I shot Mindee a couple of weeks ago and brought up Mariah in conversation. A day after Mindee sent me a text and told me that Mariah was up for doing some more photos. Be on the lookout for her return soon, I hope. 

Last Update: Chalky Feet w/ Chloe
Future Status: Doubtful

Meagan was a blast to shoot the one time we got together to do photos. After that I even got to massage and worship her feet at a party we attended. Well, following that time, her and Chloe drifted apart and it seemed like Meagan no longer wanted to pose. I sent her countless emails about it with no response. Just when I was ready to give up she replied that she'd still do some photos. Well, that was the last I heard from her following the response and have given up trying. 

Last Update: Notebook
Future Status: Certain

As I stated above, I was lucky enough to get Mindee's feet in front of my camera a couple of weeks ago. We usually manage to get together once every few months and do some more shots. I'd like to get Mindee on the site more often, so here is hoping that I see those feet again real soon. Expect to see Mindee in many future updates. Not bad for someone, who prior to the site launching, told me her feet were ugly and didn't see why I asked her to model them. 

Last Update: Sandy Soles & Buns 
Future Status: Possible 

A few years ago my friend's brother contacted me about having his wife pose for Soles of Silk. He had told me that since I had shot his sister Lauryn and his brother's then girlfriend, Madison, that she's hoping you'd like to have her pose too. Molly had posed for numerous photographers in some more adult material already, so she was no stranger to the camera. We were able to get together a number of times over the last few years and shoot. Sadly though, Molly and her husband moved out of state and I am not able to shoot her at this time. If Molly comes back around for a family/friends visit and has some spare time, I intend to get the site's biggest feet back in front of my camera again.

Come back next week when I talk about the next 10 models on the site.

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