Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Model Statuses 1-10: A'Kasjia - Cheri

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

A lot of my emails and instant messages focus on questions concerning a particular model. People want to know if I have upcoming material of a favorite girl or if I'm still even shooting her. Fielding so many questions on a great deal of models, I've decided to do an update column over the next few weeks talking about all the models on the site. Here are the first 10 models below:

Last Update: Water Bottle
Future Status: Possible

It has been quite some time since A'Kasjia has been in front of my camera. It has actually been quite some time since I've actually seen her at all. At times I will run into her out and about and we make small talk. We've talked briefly during those times about her posing again and the last I heard, she was still up for it. Sadly, that was months ago and I do not have her current contact information. I am waiting to run into her again and see what I can do. 

Last Update: Cupcakes w/ Tiff
Future Status: Certain

Abby has been quite the busy body as of late. She is focusing on some life things such as education and we just haven't been able to schedule time to shoot. I have no doubt in my mind that Abby will be making more appearances in the near future. I was just talking to her this past week about doing some shoots. When our schedules match up, those wrinkled soles will be back in front of my camera where they belong.

Last Update: Banana Split
Future Status: Doubtful 

Amber has not posed for Soles of Silk since before it was even online. The sets you see in her gallery were all done prior to the site's opening and I posted them online over time after it was. I've seen Amber a few times and mentioned the idea of her posing again, but she didn't seem too interested. She used to really enjoy posing back on my old site, but I think she's focused on other things in life right now and I don't think you'll be seeing an Amber update again. 

Last Update: Sandy Feet
Future Status: Doubtful 

Andrea was one of the two most photographed models on my old site along with Abby. She was my next door neighbor for most of my life growing up. Well, in the time between the old site and Soles of Silk, she got married and began settling down. When I got her to pose for Soles of Silk I was really excited. Much to my dismay, however, Andrea informed me that due to personal reasons that she didn't think she could keep posing for the site. She REALLY wanted to keep posing and told me she'd try everything she could think of to be able to do so, but since she hasn't told me she can since her last update was posted, I don't believe she will be.


Last Update: Mac & Cheese w/ Wendy
Future Status: Possible

I met Ann through Wendy. To be honest, Ann didn't even inform her boyfriend on what she was doing, so it isn't like I can just call her up and ask her when she can pose again. I've told Wendy that I'd like to get in touch with her again about posing. Next time I get together with Wendy I am going to ask her for a contact method for Ann or for Wendy herself to be my middleman in getting her feet back here on the site.

Last Update: Thanksgiving Dinner
Future Status: Certain

Autumn hasn't been in front of the camera since Thanksgiving, but that is mostly due to me not shooting too much in these cold months. Autumn and I will be getting together in the near future. I told her I'd really like to get in some sets outside when it gets warmer out. I'm going to have to get her in with another model soon too as she hasn't yet posed with anyone else. 

Last Update: Pool Skimmer
Future Status: Certain

Other than having a set featuring Barbie still in waiting, I just talked to her this past week about getting together in March. We discussed a date and if it is still open, we should be getting together real soon. I'm really looking forward to our shoot because I've only had Barbie in front of my camera once so far and I loved every moment. 

Last Update: Schoolgirl Stockings
Future Status: Certain

Oh Bethany... It has been a long time since this cutie pie has been in front of my camera. Sadly, she should have been posing for me over the summer and into the fall of 2008, but each and every time we made plans, it rained. All the sets we wanted to do were outdoors. I told her I owe her a foot massage for the long wait. Don't be surprised to be seeing her in the near future. We just have to get something planned and a date to do them. 

Last Update: Magazine & Heels
Future Status: Possible

If I didn't wait long ass spans of time between shoots with Carmen, it wouldn't feel right. It has happened pretty much every time we have gotten together to do photos. She poses and then something happens to where we can't do photos for months or even a year plus and then... we shoot again. Well, I'm currently on one of those breaks with Carmen and am hoping she finds herself open and around to where I can get those little feet back on the site again. I know she's always been a major hit here and I really, really want her to be more of a regular.

Last Update: Pier Piling 
Future Status: Doubtful 

It was hard enough to get Cheri to pose in the first place and it was even harder to try to get her to do follow up shoots. Now, however, she's got other things going on in life and I don't even have a means to contact her now. Although I wouldn't mind getting her back on the site, I just don't think it will happen.

Come back next week when I talk about the next 10 models on the site.

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