Cierra's Bath - Self-Taken Photos

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Cierra is a tease! Yes, I said it. That girl gets to me at times. One of those times was recently as I was standing in line at a Subway trying to figure out what kind of sub I wanted to order. My cellphone vibrated and I saw I had a text/picture message. I took a look at it and I see that Cierra sent me a photo of her little feet in the bathtub.

Of course as I'm looking at the photo on my Blackberry the "sandwich artist" (do they still call them that?) asks me what I'd like. I tell her I want a chicken bacon ranch on Italian bread and my phone vibrates again. I finish ordering my sandwich and before I finish another vibration and then another...
By time the girl was finishing up my sandwich I had gotten a few photos sent to me. I, being the normal pervert I am, tell her to wrap those soles around the spicket. A couple photos later, I see those sexy feet wrapped around the spicket in one hell of a phallic pose. I playfully text messaged her that I'd be willing to look at photos of anything else she wants to show me in the tub there.

I get two more photos of her feet and and smiley face response to my message about seeing some more of her, but I'm very happy with what she shared. I'm just glad she thinks of me when she looks down at those sweaty little feet. I'll let you enjoy them as well with the photos below.

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