Cierra Snaps - Self-Taken Photos

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Every so often you come across a girl who just loves being in front of the camera. There are a few on this site, but I want to mention one right now. That person is Cierra.

Cierra loves having her photos taken. She not only likes posing for me, but her camera is always full of photos of friends or events. The other day, however, I got a text message to log onto AIM, so I did. When I logged in, Cierra was online and started sending me photos that she had taken of her feet. Needless to say, I wanted to check them out. When I opened them, my jaw about hit the floor.

Now, I've always found Cierra's feet to be darn cute, but for some reason her photos just made me want them in my hands right that second. Seriously, her toes were painted bright pink and her new star tattoo was on display front and center. Best of all though was the poses she put her feet in.

I guess Cierra has either been paying attention to all the poses I've given her, or she's just a self-taught pro. The poses her feet are in are very playful and to me, match her personality exactly.

Well, I could go on forever and ever about these photos, but I'm going to let you take a look at what she sent me below. I told her I was going to post them as I wanted you all to see them as well. Tell me what you think. I'm going to be sure to tell her! She told me she plans on taking more...

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