Madison - Size 8.5 Overdose

Madison is so deserving of representing Soles of Silk in a Wu's Feet Links feature set.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Usually an overdose is a bad thing. But when you get an overdose of Madison's size 8.5 feet, it's far from that. This week we get so much Madison, some of you might just suffer from the symptoms associated with a Size 8.5 Overdose. Those symptoms are: strained eyes, sore wrist, drooling, and of course, if any of you suffer from an erection lasting more than four hours, you should seek medical help. Sorry, I just had to!

This week is a special week for Madison. Wu asked us to do a feature set for his site, Wu's Feet Links. Carmen, the twins (Kimmie and Kellie), and now Madison have all represented Soles of Silk as feature girls. It was only fitting to have Madison be a feature girl as she has done so much for the site and someone who has always been there for me whenever I needed an emergency set, or even just someone to talk about ideas with. I'm glad Wu wanted her to be a feature girl.

Madison's feature set, Piggy Bank & Piggies, if you haven't checked it out already, had her sitting on my brand new bed, in my freshly painted and redecorated room. We got a piggy bank that just so happened to say "shoe fund" on the side of it and threw change and bills all over the place. Madison had a good time sticking all kinds of coins in her purple French pedicured toes. The pig even looked like it was enjoying itself too, but I won't go there.

The day we shot the feature set for Wu, I had also decided to do a set that Madison had been wanting to do. She had told me her birthday was coming up and she wanted nothing more than to smash a birthday cake under her feet. I told her I was game, but on one condition... I got to taste some of the cake off her feet. She was all for it and eating the cake off her feet ended up being my second treat for the day (not counting doing the shoots). She wore a pair of fuzzy boots at work all day long without socks for me. She never took them off until she got here. I got to sniff her feet and give her a quick foot rub before the shoot. Strange, I thought it was her birthday not mine.

A few days later Madison came back over to take a look at her photos. I got another treat by getting to rub her feet again. She was in tennis shoes and socks and her feet smelled even better than when she wore the boots. Seriously, I need to make sure it isn't my birthday. All kidding aside though, that day, before Madison had come by, I went out and bought her a few little gifts. There was a catch though. In order to get the gifts, she had to earn them. I made her play a game of Madison trivia by answering questions pertaining to her photo sets on the site. She got all three correct and inside three little gift bags (decorated with shoe artwork) was neon nail polish, a bunch of toe rings, and a gift card to a shoe store. I told her all those gifts must be used in future sets here on the site. So be on the lookout for those.

To go along with the Size 8.5 Overdose, I made a wallpaper of Madison using one of the shots from the feature set. Put your mouth where the money is... If you're curious as to what that statement means, check out the Wallpaper gallery in the Downloads section for more.

Also featured this week is two clips of Madison that were taken a while ago. I couldn't decide with clip to post for this update, so I went with both. I had actually asked Madison to pick which one and you know how it normally goes when you ask for a girl to make a choice. She said whatever one I wanted. I went with both and told her it gave me a reason to claim I need to do more clips of her. She thought that was a great idea. I'm just so full of them!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys overdosing on Madison this week. I know the last couple of weeks have been a blast. I would have liked to have gotten everyone scratch and sniff stickers with Madison's feet on them, but I couldn't seem to find them. If you only knew how good they smell when she wears those shoes all day... Time to go overdose, even though I am sure I've been doing it often over the past few weeks. Inhale!

You best bet I enjoyed a lick or two off her feet!

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