Remastered Clips Status

The first clip I shot was a very short test clip of Abby's oily soles.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Well, well. It seemed like it took forever, but the majority of the clips that appeared on the site in various formats and sizes have all been upscaled and remastered into the current format. I say majority for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that a few of these clips have holiday themes. When I was remastering five clips per week for the last few months, I would time the holiday clips (ie. Halloween and Christmas) to fall on the weeks of that holiday. Being I have finished remastering before Valentine's Day, for example, I will add those Valentine's Day clips in on this year's Valentine's update. So be ready to be getting some of Layla's and Cierra's feet and maybe even a cavity on that week!

The second reason is due to the original clips being either lost or corrupt. The clip with Mindee and Mariah comes from an entire photo set that I lost on my old laptop. I had the clip, but no pictures, but now all this time later, I cannot locate the clip either. I've been through both my laptop and my old eMac, but no luck!

During this remastering phase I came across a number of clips that for some reason read as corrupt on the CD's I burned them to. I cut out a few muffed up segments of clips during the remastering, but I've had issues with total clips in some cases. One of the clips of Lexi just won't work. It really sucks because that clip worked just fine on one of the last updates before I started to remaster all of them. I don't understand digital media and its quirks. You sometimes just have to deal with that sort of crap when it comes at you.

I don't think anyone would have noticed, but some of the last clips I remastered last week were very short. Those clips didn't even exist on the site prior, but I wanted to add them in for everyone to view. A number of those clips were some of the first I shot just messing around with the video function on the camera. None of the girls had ever done a video clip before, nor had I. Again, I thought it would be nice to post them anyhow.

I hope everyone has enjoyed these clips in their new format and there will be new never before seen clips with each new update. I am certain you will enjoy those as well!

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