1K Club - Madison's Mini-Interview

Madison feet have been in more than 1,000 photos - making her the site's first model to do so.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

No, I'm not writing a column about a super robot made in the image of Madison called the Madison 1,000. Nope, but that would be super cool and I am sure you'd all want one!

The 1,000 I am talking about here stand for photos. Madison was the first model to reach 1,000 photos in her galleries. Between her solo galleries and galleries where she's posed with the likes of Lauryn, Molly, and Bethany, she has a grand total of 1,064 photos at the time of this column.

I just posted a 90 photo gallery dedicated to my favorite aspect of those size 8.5 feet and that is her long narrow soles. I often tease her about having big feet, even though they're actually quite average in size. They just look rather big and most people seem to think they look larger in the photos too. The glass table set that went up this week, shown above, has a lot of examples of that.

Just as I went to begin this column I sent a quick text message to Madison to congratulate her on being the first to 1,000 photos. Here is how our conversation went:

Patrick: Web site should be updated in about 30 minutes. Congrats as you are the first model to break 1,000 photos.

Madison: OMG. That's totally absurd. Lol. But thank you. Lol.

Patrick: It must have been this 90 photo set going up here.

Madison: Hahaha... Nah, that couldn't have anything to do with it.

Patrick: And to think I have two more huge sets waiting. Should I commend you on first to 2,000 while I am at it? Lol! Only 936 left to go.

Madison: Hahaha... OMG, that's pure insanity.

So once again, congrats to Madison for being the site's first model to 1,000 photos. She's been here since the beginning and will be soon featured as a Wu's Feet Links feature model and she can't wait.

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