In Talks - Little Dee & Mikayla

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Unless you are new to the world of online foot models, you have most certainly heard of Little Dee and Mikayla, a.ka. "Mile High Mikayla." Well, it looks like Soles of Silk will be adding both of these lovely ladies and their sexy soles to the sole mate roster before the end of the year! I've always adored both girls over the years and always said it would be awesome to one day get to do a photo shoot of each.

In the past I have been lucky enough to meet and do shoots with some of the other well known foot models from the web such as Lexi, Jacklyn Lick and Lisa Tyler and be able to have some of the non-foot fetish models cross over into it on a regular basis such as Kat Noir, Molly and Sara Swirls. Of course, now Layla and Chrystine are out there doing their own thing and I got to work with them early on and continue to do so. But there is something to finally meeting and taking photos of someone you've been fond of for countless years and that is what I am looking forward to with both Little Dee and Mikayla.

I've always been a fan of Little Dee and her little feet.

Little Dee
I first saw Little Dee on Feet Fair years ago and fell in love with her immediately. She is as cute as a button and looks like a very fun model to work with. She has since appeared on countless sites around the web and looks to enjoy having her feet pampered by her fans at parties and the like. I have also had a few of you ask if I could get her to pose here and it looks like that wish will be granted in November.

These will be the biggest feet I will probably ever photograph.

It was also years ago when I first saw a pair of size 16 female feet online, yes size 16, that caused me to sit there speechless and in awe. I've heard about "big size 10 feet" and such, but size 16's! Damn! Those feet belonged to Mikayla and I had several conversations with her online when I used to run my old site. When I got in touch with her a couple of weeks ago I was shocked to learn that she lived much closer now and was actually interested in being added to the site's sole mate roster.
If you guys have any other suggestions for models you'd like for me to work with, I'm willing to see what I can do. Just remember, some models wish to remain exclusive to their site(s), some live way too far away and some will probably be way out of my price range. Yeah, I'd love to have Carmen Electra pose here too.

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