Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August - This -n- That

Abby (right) introduced me to Taylor, who is now a sole mate.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Well it is August and this summer seems like it just started yesterday. Where did the time go? Seems like I haven't done much of anything this summer, but yet it is creeping ever so close to being over. I arrived at these sediments a few weeks ago when I began booking as many models as I can into July for some much needed new content. Not that I didn't have plenty of content already shot, I just didn't want to let the summer pass with getting a bunch more.

The first model I met with is featured on this week's update. Abby and I had planned on doing some new photos when she moved into her new apartment. The day before the photos she asked me if I'd like to shoot her friend, Taylor. She told me she was a cute little blonde and I'd love her. She was right. So I did some content of the both of them in solo sets, which you can already see on the site, but I also did one of the two girls together. I bet you can't wait until I post that one!

Mindee was overdue for a shoot. I'm so glad to have gotten some new photos with her.

Then there was Mindee. It had been more than a year since I had met up with Mindee. She was always a good friend to me and of course, I thought she had two really cute size 8 feet. Well, one night as I was looking over who I had not shot in some time and Mindee sends me a text message about posing. We set up a date and time and you have already seen the awesome sole shots we took in last week's update.

Another person I had been talking to about getting with for some photos at that time was Kelsey. I told her she needed to get barefoot for me soon and we finally set up a day and took a long drive for a day of photos. One of those sets will be coming up very soon, I assure you. She did all kinds of themes and her feet are just so adorable!

Later that same week I was able to meet up with the always energetic and ready to shoot, Madison. Madison and I had been throwing around some ideas and we met up on weekday to do a couple of sets. I also got to eat a few M&M's that she stuck between her toes as we sat in her living room shooting the shit. No, we didn't do an M&M theme.

The very next day I got with Kellie and did a shoot theme she has been wanting to do for some time. What theme you ask? You'll just have to wait, but it was quite colorful and fun!

Lizzie is one of Soles of Silk's newest additions.

While contacting all these existing models I also managed to meet another new model by the name of Lizzie. Lizzie is debuting on the site next week and was a super cool person that I had fun shooting. I got to do a couple of sets with her and would like to get together for some more before summer is out.

While on the topic of new models, I am still in talks with a couple of friends of existing models here on the site that have expressed an interest in posing. Two of them I am hoping to make plans with in the weeks to come.

With all good news comes bad news, however. At this time two of the site's models will not be making any more appearances for the time being. Both Andrea and Krystie have a few real life things going on and although they loved posing here, and I stressed "loved," both need to step back to take care of some things. I respect both of them as friends and hope everything works out. Maybe one day they'll pose again, but not at this time.

I've had some great feedback from the first Soles of Silk Wallpaper Design Contest. A few people missed the posts I had on the site's forum and on the site's MySpace page. I am hoping for an even better turn out when I host the next one, so be on the lookout. And for you current members out there, lets see some more designs from you guys as you are eligible too!

Last on the list is my constant lack of video editing skills. I shoot my web clips on the still camera at 640x480, but the software I've been using, although very professional, didn't like the .avi files that the camera created. I came up with a way to convert the files into .mpgs, but it also shrunk the files down to 320x240. When I finally found a program to change those .mpg files into .wmv files, the loss of quality was taking its toll. Well, I think I finally figured out some ways to corner these two programs I am using (one on my Mac and one on my PC). It still takes too much dicking around, but I think the quality is much better. For some reason my PC needs DivX to view the clip that says is supported in Windows Media Player, but I have given up trying to figure this out tonight. Have a look at Taylor's first video post and tell me what you think.

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