Celebrating 40 Models

Many people were excited to see Delicious posing for Soles of Silk.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Over the last five weeks Soles of Silk has debuted five new models. Those models, in order of appearance are: Natalie, KrystieDanielle, Delicious, and Ann. It was the longest addition of brand new models since the site debuted, but that streak isn't what this column is about. The addition of those five models listed above has put the grand total of models on this site to 40.

Every single model has been a pleasure to shoot. Whether it be someone like Madison, who I've photographed so many times that I'm still sitting on photos I did of her last year, or someone like Ann, who has been on the site all of a few hours, every shoot is one I treasure. I've said many times in the past, many of these girls are friends of mine, but those I didn't know before I did sets with them, I now consider them my friends as well. I was worried when I started this venture that I would find models who thought the fetish/subject is strange, but that just hasn't happened. Many of these girls think the fetish/subject is fun. They enjoy seeing their photos here on the site and even come to me with ideas for future sets.

One thing that has been nice about posting all these models has been the overall response to each and every set. I haven't posted a set since I've begun Soles of Silk that someone hasn't commented on either through e-mail, the Soles of Silk Forum or now on the Soles of Silk MySpace page. And with the site not showing adult content, but rather focusing on the girls and their pretty feet, the general comment is classy. I have forwarded many of them to the girls or have told them in person when I see them. Each and every sole mate seems to be someone's favorite model on the site.

I don't know how many models I will end up with on this site over the course of the years, but one thing I am always trying to do is juggle the existing models with all the new additions. With that being said, please enjoy the five newest sole mates and the 35 who came before them. I hope to photograph each and every single one of them again soon!

I actually shot Danielle on the same day as Delicious (above), just hours before.

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