The Basics - Reading & Writing

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

I will be the first one to tell you that I am happy to see members and even non-members writing to me about what they like about Soles of Silk and what they want to see on the site. But then there are those e-mails that are just so far out there that they get annoying. One of those overly annoying things has been happening a LOT since I created a MySpace page for the site. That one annoying thing is the guys who write to me that they want to suck my toes and do all these other kinky things to me. Up until now I have always responded with a pleasant, "Sorry, you've mailed the Web master, not model-x, but I am glad you enjoyed model-x." But seriously, after getting about seven of those kinds of messages in one day on MySpace last week I got a little pissed and wrote a bulletin about the situation.

Now some may argue that it is confusing that there is a picture of a sole mate as the main picture. Okay, fair enough. But then my argument is that right beside that same photo it says, "Male." Furthermore, the text in the next column over reads that the MySpace page is for the Soles of Silk Web site and its fans. Go into the pictures section and you see a photo of each and every model. And since those seven messages I have even added a little aside about the page being run by a male web master. How much more obvious do you have to get for some people?

After I posted my bulletin one of those who e-mailed me about wanting to take me out that night told me to get over myself. But about a dozen people sent me messages saying "amen" to what I wrote. Some of those were fellow Web masters with MySpace pages too, all of who have had the same issues. Others were just fans who couldn't believe someone couldn't see that the person they're messaging was a guy because of all the reasons above.

So in closing I leave you this. I love reading all of your letters and opinions. But before you e-mail me or anyone else online, make sure you know who you are talking to before saying some of the things you are thinking. After all, if you really get turned on by "my" feet, I can send you a nice picture of my hairy toes. Not sure that will be what you had in mind, but for that reason you just might want to check next time.

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