Indian on the Path

Wendy and I had someone observing our shoots for most of the afternoon.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

This week had one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me while I was out doing a photo shoot for Soles of Silk. I was meeting up with Wendy this past Sunday to take some more photos and her boyfriend had suggested a local park for a possible location for its nice scenery. Wendy and I took the advice and headed out to the park.

Once we parked we began walking a trail back to a small waterfall that she though would be perfect for her first set. Well, on the way back to the waterfall I look up and see a wooden spear with colorful feathers and what looked to be a squirrel's tail attached to it. Then I noticed the person holding it. A white male with a feathered headband, rawhide vest, blue jeans and tennis shoes was standing there as if he were almost monitoring the area. I thought he was a park ranger or perhaps a historian doing a park event. Wendy didn't even notice him and I think she was startled when she did.

Well, we sat down and began to take photos. The "Indian" moved about the area before he began telling a small girl with her father a tale or something. That is when I was really beginning to believe he was there with the park. But once the girl and her father left, I changed my mind. He just moved about, but didn't really seem to be looking our way. I was kind of glad there were many people passing by because I told Wendy I've seen horror movies that start like this, kidding around.

After quite a bit of starting and stopping due to people walking through our background, we wrapped up the shoot, but strangely enough, the "Indian" was finished as well. I was getting disturbed by this now.

The "Indian" started walking back along the path we came up on, but about half way back to the parking lot, he take a left and stands on two rocks, which caused us to have to pass him. All I could think is he was stalking us and something bad was going to happen. But we passed without issue. He stayed put and we got back to my car. But within two minutes he comes walking to the parking lot from a totally different area were the path came down. Of course my car is parked next to his and he needs to get into it while Wendy is changing shoes.

This guy ended up standing around us no matter where we went for the rest of the day. It was such a big deal to us that we stopped at the entrance booth to ask the people who worked at the park about him. We were told he is not associated with the park at all, but is always there. Apparently, according to the attendants, he is a "naturalist" and feeds of people's and nature's energy. I told them he seemed to be following us, which surprised them. But the one guy told me when he drives around the park in his car he will see him when he gets in his car and then all the way across the park, which is several minutes of driving, he will be on the other side of the park within minutes on foot.

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