Q&A - Madison Responds to the All-Madison Update

Madison (left) enjoys the shoots she's done with Lauryn the most thus far.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Two weeks ago I wanted to show thanks to the model whose feet have been seen the most on this site thus far. A model who has always had the time to pose and makes every shoot a blast. That model is Madison.

After I posted the All-Madison update, I e-mailed Madison to tell her the news. She was very excited about having two photos sets, a video clip and a column all focusing on her and those heavenly size 8.5 feet. I asked her if she'd be willing to take some time for a mini-interview reflecting on how it has been thus far posing for all these photos for Soles of Silk. She was only too happy to oblige. Here are the questions and her answers:

Q. How does it feel to have more photos on the site than any other model at this point?

A. It's very flattering and makes me feel very special.

Q. I've always loved your big feet. Has being on the site and showing them off for all the members made you feel any differently about them than you might have before?

A. Not really. I have always liked my feet because I have always thought they were pretty.

Q. So far, what has been your favorite photo set we've done and why?

So far my most favorite shoots would have to the ones I have done with Lauryn. Every time we are together all we do is laugh and giggle; it's hard not to have a good time when her and I do shoots.

Q. You recently took a photo of your foot next to Lauryn's when hanging out with her and sent it to me, which I loved! Do you think we'll be seeing you two together again in one of these famous Madison and Lauryn duos?

A. I sure hope so! She is a hard girl to track down, but I promise I will get her soon.

Q. Are there any ideas for photo shoots that you would like to do that we haven't done yet?

A. Every time I think I have come up with something original, someone else has thought of it already. I'm still trying to think of something though.

Q. After our last shoot I gave those feet a nice long massage while watching some cop drama on the tube. Do you still love getting your feet rubbed like you always used to? Is it relaxing? What is your favorite aspect of the massage?

A. Hell yes! I love having my feet rubbed. Always have and always will. I don't have any certain spot that I like being rubbed because to me, as long as you are rubbing them, I am a happy girl.

Q. Did you think it was strange that I wanted to smell your feet the last time we did a shoot after you wore your shoes with no socks all day at work prior? Would you do that again, but this time let me smell them indoors before heading out in public so I can enjoy the scent for a few minutes.

A. Okay, I have to admit it's kind of odd because I'm used to sticking my smelly feet in my boyfriend's face and not getting such a nice reaction.

Q. When can I take more photos of you and those two sexy size 8.5's?

A. Anytime you want. We are moving back to where you are in October, so there will be plenty of time once I am back.

Q. When can I rub and smell those sexy size 8.5's again? I had to ask!

A. After you help me spend a long hard day of... moving! I'm sure they will be very tired and smelly!

Q. Anything else you want to say to your fans out there?

A. If you have any ideas for shoots please let Patrick and myself know. Please keep them tasteful though. I hope everyone still enjoys seeing many pictures of me and my ever changing hair!

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