Madison - Footography

This is a set that will be added to the site soon featuring Madison!

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

One of the first models who posed for Soles of Silk even before it was online was Madison. You have read in her bio and interview how we have been friends for years and how she had posed for me back when I ran The 10 Little Piggies. Up until now, no model has been photographed more for the site than Madison and this week I wanted to dedicate an entire update to her for all the good times we've had taking photos, making video clips, and so on.

With Madison having had posed for me so many times thus far, I have found it hard to get all of her past sets on the site in a timely fashion. We end up taking new photos that I just love too much not to post right away. Combine that with the fact that I post other models on the site all the time, Madison's sets have had the unlucky fortune of being pushed back at times. This week, for example, her muddy garden set is actually one of the very first sets she did for Soles of Silk. Then in contrast, her other set posted this week is the newest set she has done for the site. Here is Madison's Footography (in order):

One thing that has been great about shooting Madison is her eagerness to always do more photos. She is always coming up with new ideas for her sets. Some of them have been done and some we plan on doing soon. One such set is one she wants to do on her boyfriend's motorcycle.

Madison has also helped in getting me another model for the site. That model, which I am trying to get back on the site soon, is Lauryn. The sets they have done together have been nothing but popular with the members. They're practically sisters in law (along with Molly) and they have such fun together. The two even sent me a picture on MySpace of their feet side by side in flip flops that they took at a party. Too cute!

None of you have to wonder if Madison is one of those girls who does this for money and thinks your fetish is gross, strange or anything along those lines. She is a huge sucker for a good foot massage. I spent about two hours rubbing those long soles watching several episodes of "Law & Order" after shooting the love seat set. And if you read her interview, she loves when her boyfriend nibbles on her toes.

One of the funniest things also happened during our last shoot. I had told Madison for ages that I wanted to smell her feet after being in a pair of shoes for hours. She always told me she'd do it, but made no promises that I could handle how smelly they got. On the day of our last shoot, I met Madison after she got off work and she had not removed her shoes all day long. She wore tennis shoes (old ones too) with no socks. She swore they were going to stink. That was what I was hoping for, of course. When we arrived at a park nearby to her house, she finally took those shoes off as we sat along the waterfront. She took a quick smell of them first, which of course made me jealous, and said, "Whoah! They stink!"

Of course I was expecting the worst, but when I lifted them to my nose for a few seconds, I loved the smell coming from in between her toes. When she took her other shoe off, I grabbed her foot and smelled that one quickly too. She giggled, but didn't think it was strange or anything. Next time, however, I am going to ask her to do it again, but let me smell in them indoors so it won't attract attention and I can enjoy her smelly feet for more than a few seconds. What do you say Madison? Heehee...

Well, I hope you all enjoy this week's update of Madison. You're getting two photo sets, one old and one new, a video clip and this column, all focused on a good friend of mine who has been very supportive and fun to work with doing this little project called Soles of Silk. For that I thank her.

... And Madison, I am serious about wanting to smell them again. When are you free for another shoot?

Madison smashes Oreo cookies and pours milk on her feet in a set that is coming soon.

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