Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heavenly Feet

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

On Mother's Day I decided I'd go to church with the family because I knew it would mean a lot to my mom. I don't usually do the church thing, but the church my mother goes to is very relaxed and modern. It isn't the strict formal church setting at all.

Being it was Mother's Day, moms were all over. I had only attended her church a couple of times in the past and it was during some of the colder months. Sunday was by no means hot, but it was still nice enough for skirts and sandals.

Now you've heard so many stories from foot guys saying how hard it was to concentrate in class with a cute female sitting in front of you in flip flops or a teacher dangling her heels off her stocking clad toes, but am I the only one who thought I would be struck by lightning right there in church because there were pretty feet distracting me from the service? I know I was in church, but man, some of the views were just too hard not to look at.

Being a modern church, there are no pews, but rather connected seats. The seats allow for perfect views and like I said, I was sure getting some.

A girl sitting behind me, who was probably about 19 years old or so had white flip flops on her very tanned feet. You can tell she has been tanning at the salon. Her toenails were a deep red and the way she had her feet pressed down, there were slight wrinkles on her heels, just under her ankles. I would imagine her to have been a size 8.

A second girl who was across the aisle had on black high heel sandals. The sandals had some very thin straps that covered the tops of her feet and looped back behind her heels. Of course she would often reach down and play with the straps. Her French pedicure looked good on her long slender toes. Her feet were slender too, probably a good size 9 plus.

But after the service was over, the greatest views of all begun. A woman in her mid-30's, and who appeared to be the wife of one of the church band members, took a seat across the same aisle as the previous girl. Most of the people were out in the lobby or had gotten up and moved. I was there with several family members who were just talking.

When this woman sat down, she pulled off these sexy silver sandals, the kinds that when the light hits them you see a slight rainbow in the shiny area. She looked to be a size 6, maybe even a 5. She also had a silver nail polish on her toes, which were very short and plump. Her body was slim, so her feet surprised me having those chubby toes, but they were sexy nonetheless.

The woman's daughter came over as the woman was sitting there and what happened next was the highlight. Tucking her skirt under her legs, she sat across several seats, with her soles sticking right out into the aisle. They were so tender looking with some of those thick wrinkles. Her daughter sat there showing her something, a Mother's Day gift perhaps, who knows. But this woman sat in this position for about three to five minutes. It was just the greatest view. And you know she was wiggling her toes and rubbing her feet against each other every so often.

As we were leaving church who did I see again? Yes, this same lady. She was carrying her shoes by the straps in one hand and a flower in the other. She was walking through the parking lot barefoot. She took things back to her car and came back over our way. Every so often she'd rest her foot on the toes as she talked to others. You could see that her sole had gotten a little dirty and it just looked so cute on those thick little feet of hers.

I am sure some of you will tell me I should go to church more often now, but that part of me says that is just so wrong. If only I could ask her to model... But I can't. I am sure that would go around the "in crowd" and I don't need family knowing about this site.

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