Random Foot Notes - February 2006

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Hello members. First of all I want to thank everyone, new and old, for becoming members to this site. I didn't know what to think in 2004 when I began taking photos of numerous models and friends and building the site for the launch. But here I am in February 2006 and the feedback from all of you, good and bad, has made this all worthwhile and something I aim to keep up for as long as I can. This leads me to a few topics, however, in which I need to confess some things.

I have been talking for what seems like forever now about adding in a video clips section to the site. Being easier said than done this far into the site has made the process a very slow going one. In the meantime I have been trying to post some of the timely clips (ex. Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.) up on the main page until I can get this new section posted.

Some of you might be wondering how hard it is to add a new section to the site, so I will go into a little bit of detail here and let you in on some other things as well. Adding a page with links to clips is easy. Changing the header bar on all the pages to reflect the new section isn't. I have to relink and reload all the pages due to the means in which I originally set this site up from the start. And in addition, I wanted to add in a few other section as well, or at least reserve the space for it on the bar. What are those sections you ask? A downloads section for wallpapers and a flashback section that will have selected shoots from the old "The 10 Little Piggies" site that many people have asked for since I opened Soles of Silk.

For a little bit of personal information, late last year I left my full time job because of the headache it was causing. I originally set off to find another job doing graphic design, but I quickly caught on to some freelance work and have been doing some here and there along with a part time job. There are days where I just don't want to open up the graphic programs. I guess it is burnout, if you will.

As I try to tackle this entire site, design, updating, promotion and comments by myself, some great things have been happening with Soles of Silk, even though other parts have been lagging.

Abby is doing a fan submission based interview for Wu's Feet Links.

Abby's interview on Wu's Feet Links has had a great turnout and she's answered a ton of questions. I am glad that she took time out of her own schedule to take part in the interview and I hope you all had fun sending her your questions. Abby is the biggest reason for me having this site today, so it was only fitting for her to be the one who entertained those questions.

Tomorrow I will be heading out of state to meet up with a new sole mate for the site that will bring a look and attitude to this site that hasn't been seen until now. Be on the lookout for her soon.

I'm hoping to shoot Chloe and Meagan with a friend of theirs soon.

Chloe has introduced me to a friend of hers who said she'd like to be on Soles of Silk as well. I met this girl a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by how cute her little feet are. I am looking to get a set in with her soon as well as one with her, Chloe and Meagan as well. It's been a while since Meagan has been on the site and a few of you have asked when she will be coming back. Soon is the best answer I can give with the new models also on the way.

Once again thanks for all of your continued membership to Soles of Silk and thanks for hanging in there with some of the new ideas and items I want to bring to Soles of Silk. I just want to make sure it is done right when it is done and I won't settle for half-assed work.

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