My Apologies - A Missed Shoot

This week's update featured none other than Molly and her size 11 feet.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

One thing I have notice about the members of this site is that you are an attentive bunch, noticing some of the smaller points of the site or about comments I have made. So I will not be surprised to get e-mails this week asking what happened to the shoot I teased last week that was supposed to celebrate the one year anniversary of Soles of Silk.

For the last three weeks I wanted to put together some stellar, larger than normal, shoots for Christmas, followed by New Year's, followed by the site's anniversary. To say the least this stretch has been busy between working, shopping, family and the like. Finding open time for myself at times has been a pain, let alone finding time that matches one of my friend's (model's) has been even harder.

My original plans were to meet with Abby on Monday for the one year anniversary celebration shoot, but due to some items that caused those plans to be put on hold, I had to ask Abby if we could do them last minute on Tuesday, the day that is usually filled with me working on the site's updates. Yeah, it would be crunch time, but I wanted to get this shoot up for you guys. The window of open time, however, did not match up too well and I couldn't do the shoot I wanted to do in only a few minutes. So here I am apologizing to all of you for not coming through with the set I had planned on. Not that Molly's set isn't a hot one, but it was supposed to be the following week's update.

You probably noticed that I went ahead and teased Kat Noir's photo set for next week and not Abby's. I didn't want to put up another teaser icon, so I am going with Kat Noir next week and if Abby and I can get together, that set will also be posted. The set is going to be done either way and posted A.S.A.P. It's about time we get more of those wrinkles, isn't it?

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