Merry Christmas Members

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

The first of two Christmas themed sets this week, featuring Chloe and Kimmie.

This Sunday is the big day and I've done barely any shopping. The next couple of days is going to be filled with mad rushes back and forth to store, only to break for the long line at every store. Why did I wait until the last minute?

This week's update has two large Christmas themed sets and also features the first full length video clip for the site. I am not done remodeling the site and inserting those new sections yet, but I wanted to make sure you had the Christmas video this week being it is from Chloe's and Kimmie's shoot. I wasn't able to shoot a clip of Mindee from her set, however.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and I thank all of you for sharing yours with the sole mates and myself. I'll see all of you again next week for the final update of 2005!

Mindee is featured in the second Christmas themed set this week.

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