A Thoughtful Christmas Gift

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Kimmie and Kellie made a card featuring this photo of their feet for Christmas.

I've said time and time again that anyone who knows me knows that I have a foot fetish. To some, it is interesting, to some it is funny. I've had my share of people cracking jokes on me, but I've also had my share of female friends sticking their feet in my lap for a nice massage when we hang out. This Christmas was just another example of me wearing my fetish without shame. I had a thoughtful present that was part funny and part flirty.

Many workplaces do a secret Santa exchange where you don't know who is getting your gift and the person you selected doesn't know they're getting something from you. Well, this year one of the girls drew my name. This girl does not appear on this site - she's actually not old enough to do so. Apparently she went around asking some of the other girls I work with, who do appear on this site, what I'd like for Christmas and they told her, "He likes Paris Hilton and feet." I am sure she either thought that was strange or gross, but she made something of it.

On Christmas Eve we exchanged gifts and I got a gift bag (with Paris Hilton on it) that had one of those tickling toys with the big feather on the end of it along with some body crayons. Okay, this girl isn't 18, so I was a little embarrassed, but it was still funny nonetheless. But in the back of the bag was a folder that had the words, "Match the face to the feet" on it.

Inside the folder was a number of my co-worker's head shots accompanied by anonymous foot photos with the feet dressed in Christmas themed decor. Kimmie's feet as well as Cheri's, and Shayna's feet were in there, but for kicks one of my friend's mother's took part as did one of my guy friends who teases me about having a fetish all the time. It was silly and I thought it was rather thoughtful, especially from someone who is too young to be on this site and from what I knew, knew nothing about it.

In addition to this gift, I also got a handmade, or maybe even a footmade card from the twins - Kimmie and Kellie that featured a 4" x 6" shot of their feet with small little cutout footprints scattered all about. I love my solemates!

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