Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Random End of the Month Stuff

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

It's almost August! Man, where has the summer went? Things are going by so quickly and keeping up sometimes isn't easy. I always seem to pull through and get these updates posted right on time — and by the sounds of things, you're happy with what's been happening. With August on the horizon, here are some of the things going on with me and the site.

Video Clips

So many people have wanted me to shoot video clips and for months now I have been doing just that. Of course none of them are on the site, but that is because I have been building up a small collection of them to introduce to all of you in a brand new section here on the site. I also have some other sections planned as well, but the video clips section is without a doubt going to be the one you all want to see.

Almost every single shoot I've done I've shot some small clips, and one a few of them I've shot up to four of them just from the one shoot. What I need to focus on doing now, however, is learning Final Cut Pro on the Macintosh so I can put in some nice intros and put all the site's information on them. You know me, I have to make things look nice. I wouldn't be an artist if I didn't take pride in my work.

If anyone has an e-book (electronic book - PDF file) on Final Cut Pro (version 4.5 HD), I'd be helped immensely with getting these clips edited and posted. I want to put together a sample video containing snippets from different video shoots for all of you to see what's coming before I get the section done. I do have some freelance jobs going on with maintaining this site, scheduling shoots and working a full and part time job all at once. Yeah, kind of busy aren't I?

A shot from Carmen's feature set on Wu's Feet Links - a first for Soles of Silk.

Wu's Feature Girl - Carmen

Wu just posted Carmen as his newest feature model this week, in a set titled, "Blue Jeans & Toes." The set is exclusive to Wu's Feet Links, so don't miss out on 66 photos of one of the site's most popular models. And of course, I was sure to grab some video action of her wiggling her toes from this shoot too.

New Models

Two weeks ago I had planned on shooting two new models in separate shoots on a Sunday. The forecast called for rain all day long and at midnight, the night before, it was storming bad! I cancelled both shoots and the next day ended up clear (although hot) and both new models haven't been rescheduled. I'm working on getting new dates and times with these two cute girls.

I also have two other new models who will be posing shortly, one of them being this week. She has some very little feet. I can't remember her shoe size off the top of my head, but I'm venturing to think that she'll be in the running for smallest on the site. And a second model just turned 18 last week. She will be posing for you as soon as we can get a date and time to match.

Soles of Silk Forum

The Soles of Silk Forum has been quite popular as of late. With some of the awesome new sets, the addition of Lexi and Carmen's feature gallery on Wu's, people have been interested in what's going on here. I've been trying to keep up with all of you and so have some of the girls. Chloe and Abby have been posting quite a bit and Carmen was in recently too. I'm sure she'll be popping in quite a bit here with her new feature set. I've also talked to Madison, who said she's been meaning to stop in. So be sure to say "hey" to the girls.

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