Guess the New Sole Mate

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Two weeks ago I posted Jacklyn Lick's first photo set here on Soles of Silk. Meeting Jacklyn was a great experience with her being one of the first foot models I can remember from my early days online. And last year I had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa Tyler from Forever Feet and taking her pictures for Soles of Silk's debut. Her photo shoots were a blast with her fun-loving personality. And then I've also had the pleasure of meeting with Molly, an up and coming starlet in her own right and we can't forget the great shots of Sara Swirls and Kat Noir. All these girls are established elsewhere on the Web and getting the chance to take photos of them for this site was my pleasure. But now a new sole mate looms on the horizon, one we all know too!

This week I will be taking a road trip to bring back shots of this beauty, who will, for now, remain nameless. Her debut is going to be a surprise. So don't be surprised if next week's coming soon photos are teasers that don't show the model fully, if it shows her at all.

So why all the teasing? Well, taking this girl's photos will be one of my prize moments in photography. For a few years I've adored her photos and her cute girl next door look. She has a very unique aspect of her feet that she is well-known for and I aim to make full use of it.

Without tooting my own horn here, I think seeing this popular model posed in front of my camera is going to make for some classic photos. I really enjoy taking photos of some of these established models and giving them a different look than that of what appears on their sites. Not that my photography is anything unique, but I do get my fair share of praise for the angles and attention I pay to the feet. Many people tell me they can tell I have a fetish just through the way I take the photos. That is a praise I take with pride.

So now that I have all of you wondering who this special sole mate is going to be, I've decided to make a poll on the Soles of Silk Forum. I've listed 10 possible people that "could" be this new sole mate. And I will tell you, this model's name IS on the list. Be sure to check it out and take your best guess on who you think this girl is going to be. The choices are: Bellecita, Britney Sweetstink, Erotic Nikki, Genie, Janet Mason, Lexi, Little Dee, Steph, Sultry Sasha, or Tina Marie.

Who do you think this new sole mate is going to be? I guess you'll just have to wait a couple of weeks to find out! A few people have already voiced their opinion on the poll, so be sure to take your best guess!

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