Tickling Your Fancy?

Lauryn admits her feet can be ticklish when she's in a silly mood - which is most of the time.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Lately I've been asked more than usual which of the models have ticklish feet. In the Interviews section of this site, each model tells us whether or not she is ticklish. Of course, a few of these girls have told little white lies when I've gotten my hands on their feet. Others, like Abby, are flat out ticklish! One little swipe of a finger tip along those soft Puerto Rican soles and she's ripping her feet from your hands. According to her, however, I'm one of the only people who "knows how" to rub her feet.

For myself, I won't say I am a huge tickling fan. I more or less will tickle a girl's feet if she teases me about something, such as usually for liking her feet. I do admit though, two girl tickling photo sets are quite fun to see and photograph. More on this later.

So which sole mates are ticklish and which "claim" not to be. Here is a breakdown of the 15 models on the site and whether they are ticklish or not, according to their interview responses.
  • Abby - "Hell yeah! All over!"
  • Amber - "Yes. On my soles."
  • Carmen - "My arches are sooooo ticklish!"
  • Cierra - "They're not really ticklish."
  • Kat Noir - "My feet are VERY ticklish, especially under the arch of my foot."
  • Kellie - "Yeah, I think my whole foot is ticklish. I would say the most ticklish spot is my toes, especially when they're being sucked on."
  • Kimmie - "Yeah, my entire foot is."
  • Lauryn - "They're not ticklish all of the time, but it seems they are more so when I'm in a silly mood."
  • Lisa Tyler - "Not really. Maybe sometimes with a feather or touched ever so lightly, but for the most part no."
  • Madison - "My feet are very ticklish all over!"
  • Maria - "My feet are ticklish. But I'll never tell where. Part of the fun is watching people try to figure it out."
  • Mindee - "Yes, along the bridges."
  • Molly - "My feet are not very ticklish, but if they were, I wouldn't tell."
  • Sara Swirls - "I am a little ticklish on the sides of my feet."
  • Sue Lovely - "Yes! They are so ticklish! I think the middle spots on my soles are the most ticklish."
Of course with the increase in requests for tickling information, this means I will have to treat everyone to a tickling set with two girls. And it just so happens that I have a future set coming down the line featuring none other than Madison and Lauryn on a bed with some feathers! What two better girls than these two to deliver some fun-loving photos?

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