Hot to Approach a Woman for Photos

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Perhaps the most frequently asked question I get from people is "How do you ask a girl to take photos of her feet?" All to often the person asking the question states that they are too embarrassed to ask and want to know my tactics.

For what it is worth, I am far from any kind of "player" or "pimp" as someone once called me for getting all these beautiful girls to pose. I attribute the ability to get these girls in front of my camera to being open about my fetish. Many people know me as "the foot guy" and some of them who know my e-mail address call me "footphotographer." Do I get teased for being open about my fetish? Of course. Do I care? Not at all.

Think of it this way, if you walked up to a girl and asked for her phone number and were timid or embarrassed, there is a good chance that you might get rejected. The same holds true for asking a girl to take her photos. And that is for photos in general, telling her that you want to photograph her feet carries a little bit of strangeness to it. Feet might seem like no big deal because there is no nudity involved, but let's face it, it isn't the norm.

So, just like the phone number scenario, if you were cool and collected and not one bit ashamed of your fetish, you'll be more likely to get a girl to pull her socks and shoes off for you and pose for some pictures. Obviously there are variables to factor in, however. If you're asking a complete stranger, just the fact that you want to take photo of her might make her skeptical as to your intent. After all, there are many people out there who make us sincere people look like perverts.

I've found the best way to get a girl to pose is to know her, even just a little bit. Most of the girls you see on this site are friends. When I used to run The 10 Little Piggies, of the 40 or so models, most were either friends, co-workers or classmates. I attended an art school and used to paint and draw images of female feet. I'd often ask the girls in my class to take their photos to use in my artwork. Having seen my work, they knew I was legit and often flattered to be my subject. And almost always, after they posed once, they thought it was so fun that they would offer to pose again whenever I wanted them to.

Madison spoke to Lauryn about getting her to pose for Soles of Silk.

Another way I've had some success is through friends telling their friends about my site or artwork. Having the site already established helps here, so those wanting to do an upstart site and are looking to get your first shots, this might not help. But when a girl who has posed, say Madison for example, tells her friend Lauryn, Lauryn sees the shots that Madison did and is told how fun it was to pose. In turn you end up getting a model without having to do any work. I've had a couple of models on this site tell me they have friends who saw the site and are thinking about modeling.

And then there are those of you who want to take photos to get a site up and running. Your best bet here is to get some shots of someone you know will pose first. I say this because you'll need something to show the others you ask what you aim to do. The months prior to opening Soles of Silk I would e-mail potential models photos of the models I had already photographed. And I don't recommend using photos from other sites as the basis of what you want to do. Saying "I took this photo" when you show someone you want to pose shows her that you've already done some shots and that someone else trusted you to do so.

When I used to run Piggies I'd carry a photo book to class with me and when I went out, I often put it in my car. I could run outside from a party or hanging out with people to show a potential model my photos. So having something you can show a girl will certainly help.

I hope this "how to" column helps some of you out there get a few girls in front of your camera. Be sure to check back here in the Columns section often because I have a few other advice columns on the horizon, like how to be comfortable with your fetish.

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