40 Toes Later...

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Hello everyone. Sorry there was no column with last week's update, but I am sure you can forgive me because I needed time to shoot Cierra's photo set. As a matter of fact, Cierra was only one of the four girls who posed last week. Here is how the week went:

Abby's oily, wrinkled soles.

Monday Night

Getting out of work late, I called Abby. We were supposed to have a shoot and I was hoping that my having been tied down at work didn't ruin that. It didn't and we decided to meet and at least get in one set.

As many of you requested in the Soles of Silk Forum, Abby posed barefoot with her feet saturated in oil. Her feet, as you know, are some of the wrinkliest around, not to mention smoothest. Seeing those tender soles coated in the slick oil, glistening under the lights was pure heaven! Plus my camera didn't break this time around. Always a good thing!

Cierra getting her pink pantyhose all kinds of messy!

Tuesday Night

Coming straight to my house after school Cierra brought a few bags of clothes for her shoots. She had a pair of pink pantyhose to match and once we picked through her garments, she went upstairs to change.

When she came down, she looked cute as sin. I know, sin and Easter, not a good combo! But really, Easter never looked so sweet! In her little skirt and strappy top, those stockings popped better than I anticipated.

Earlier in the day I bought an Easter basket and put a variety of sweets in it. Some jellybeans, Cadbury Eggs and Peeps made up the food that would find its way either into her mouth or all over her feet. And boy did the Cadbury Egg get messy!

Still having some time left, Cierra wanted to get really messy with a food shoot. She had seen Madison's strawberry cake, Lauryn's waffles and syrup, Amber's Banana Split and Sara's Chocolate Pudding and wanted to get in on the act. I am not going to spoil what she stepped in, but all I have to say is that this upcoming post will be messier than any of the ones posted thus far! And Cierra had a blast doing it!

Kellie (left) and Kimmie pose their twin feet side by side.

Thursday Night

Time for the twins! I met up with Kellie first that night. While she was getting her hair and toenails ready, I went up to her room to look for a location to shoot. Well, the 50 or more pair of shoes in the rack and in the corner helped me come to a quick decision. Being twins there is twice as many shoes around and we all know how many shoes girls buy. Seriously, you can't even see half of them in Kellie's shoot.

As I was shooting Kellie her mom and twin sister Kimmie came up and watched. Kimmie got on her sister saying she must have good taste in shoes because almost all the shoes we put out on the floor for the set were hers. It's fun to watch sisters fight.

When Kellie was done it was time for Kimmie. Kimmie liked a pair of powder pink socks I had brought with me and wanted to wear them. We picked her make up stand/desk as the location to shoot and had her stick her feet up and slowly pull off the socks. While I watched her spread her toes and give me the cute smiles her and her sister are known for, her mom and Kellie were over on my laptop checking out the set I just did of Kellie.

Once finished it was onto the bread and butter of the night... both girls together! Since the twins are so close and play off one another so well, I decided to have them pose as a photographer and model in their shoot. I gave them a camera and after a while they switched off roles with the other becoming the photographer. Believe me, it is hard to try to take photos with both girls being so cute and playful. You kind of just want to sit back and watch!

The twin's combined set will be posted next week on March 30. I will also be posting each of their individual sets in the weeks following. But for now, enjoy this sample.

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