Presenting the 2004 Silkies

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

Okay, I know it is cheesy, but everyone has their own awards for movies, music and even video games, so why not foot fetish web sites?

Although I have not had Soles of Silk online for all of 2004, I have been surfing the Web for years on end. I can remember when there were only a handful of foot fetish Web sites. Now there are too many to count. Anyhow, looking back on the year that was 2004 and the sites and foot gals I have seen online, I went ahead and made my own foot fetish awards for eight categories. The categories are: Best Foot Fetish Site, Best Soles, Best Toes, Best Arch, Best Wrinkled Soles, Best Big Feet, Best Little Feet and Best Toe Spreader.

There was no fancy way to figure out who won what award, it was just my opinion. I know some of you will differ, but that is the great thing about opinions... You know how that saying goes.

Now onto the awards:

Wu's Feet Links
- If you haven't heard of this site, you must be new. Wu has been around since my first days online and he has grown with the times and the additions of all the foot sites around. What sounds like a simple "links" site is so much more with contributions, feature galleries, model interviews, a forum, movie reviews and more. Until Wu retires, he'll probably win this award every year I do the Silkies.

Sultry Sasha - I have been impressed with Sasha's soles since the first time I came across them on Wu's Feetlinks. She has amazing feet and a great figure. But nothing impresses me more about her than those awesome soles. Whether clad in stockings, which you can surely bet, smell from a long day of work, or bare, Sasha's soles have earned her the Silkie Award for Best Soles of 2004.

Erotic Nikki - Nikki's toes are some of the most well-kept that I've come across online. She prides herself on her finger and toe nails and in my opinion, she's right in doing so. I just love her wide variety of wild colors you can find on her toes in her photo shoots.

Lexi - I could go on forever about Lexi's feet. She almost pulled out Best Soles as well as Best Arches, but in the end, her arches impress the most. If you haven't visited her site, you're missing out on one of the most fun-loving models I have seen online. Everything is tasteful and focuses on her and her friend's feet.

Janet Mason - Janet has been online for a number of years now and actually modeled for me when I used to run The 10 Little Piggies. So I've seen these wrinkled little size 4.5 feet up close. Although Janet's feet could have won a few of these categories, she is still my favorite when it comes to the pointed toe and wrinkled sole shot.

Monique - This year Monique opened her own foot fetish web site after being a regular model on Lexi's (see above). I have always found Monique's soles to be sexy and her toes to be very cute. But when I found out these feet were a size 10, I was surprised. I thought she was a size 8, maybe 8.5. I guess bigger is better. And just to think, she has a twin sister with size 10 feet too.

Genie - When it comes to little feet, they don't get any smaller than Genie's size 2.5's. They don't come much sexier either! Since Genie came online I have been an online friend of hers and a huge fan of her tiny feet. Whether it is her toes, soles, or arches, her feet are all around wonderful.

Bellecita - Bellecita, like Wu, is one of the veterans when it comes to foot fetish sites. I can remember when I was in college, finding her site. Since that time, I continue to be one of her biggest fans. She always has those sexy feet posed in a wide variety of photo themes. But, Bellecita can best be identified in those shoots by her wide spreading toes. So Bellecita, here is the Silkie for Best Toe Spreader of 2004!

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