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1,000 Toes In: The First 100 Models of Soles of Silk, Pt. 10 (Sara Swirls - Wendy)

Welcome to the tenth and final installment of the "1,000 Toes In" blog series. This series celebrates on each of the first 100 models to appear on Soles of Silk. All of these models deserve all the praise I will throw their way in these 10 blog entries. Please be sure to check out all the previous entries, as well as any newer ones, once they're published. Now, onto the next 10 models on Soles of Silk:

Sara Swirls (size 8)
Model #: 9
Debut Date: January 12, 2005
Published Sets: 5   
Published Photos: 236

Other Notables: Runs her own adult based site, Sara Swirls.

Early on in Soles of Silk's existence I didn't have social media to help me locate models. For the most part, like I do today, I was focused on shooting my friends. I did subscribe to One Model Place for a period of time and landed a few models that way. One of the other ways I was able to meet new models, however, was to just visit different sites and learn a little about the people who did them. That's what happened when I found Sara Swirls, who I found out, lived not too far away.

It didn't take long for Sara to agree to shoot for me, even though foot fetish kinks were not the focus of her much more adult-themed site. Still, she wanted to give it a try and I immediately fell in love with her soft size 8 feet. And when I say soft, believe me, they were just that!

I ended up shooting with Sara a couple of times, getting in five sets. She ended up moving out of state, but we stayed in touch. I think she moved back a few years later, but we never met up since that time. We kept talking about a little reunion, but it has never happened. With Sarah on Twitter (@SaraSwirls), perhaps I should hit her up again. It would be nice to have her back after all these years. Looks like she's still doing her thing on her site too.

Shae* (size 10)
Model #: 62
Debut Date: July 30, 2010
Published Sets: 0 (1 before being removed, with a second never published) 
Published Photos: 0 (65 before being removed)
Other Notables
Former model for The 10 Little Piggies.

I met Shae many years ago, back when I dated Abby. The two were neighbors and very good friends. As a matter of fact, Shae was the second ever model to shoot for The 10 Little Piggies, doing so with Abby's encouragement. I shot the both of them together and then a few years later, got in a solo set with Shae long after Abby and I had broken up.

Fast forward a few more years and I met up with Shae again after chatting with her on social media. I told her about Soles of Silk and she was interested in joining its model roster. We got together and did a set with a Fourth of July theme and people loved it. A little while later, we met up and shot a second set. That one never made it to the site, however, and the Fourth of July one was ultimately removed.

I won't go into too much detail, but Shae's husband was not too keen on her shooting and our communicating. I can understand why and guess he was not exactly privy to us shooting and her being on the site. For that reason, I agreed to take her down shortly after her debut. I really would have loved for Shae to have been a regular on the site, but obvious circumstances did not allow that to happen.

* Sample image blurred since she has been removed from the site.

Shae Spreadz (size 10)
Model #: 74
Debut Date: February 20, 2013
Published Sets: 3
Published Photos: 181
Other Notables: Runs her own Only Fans site (@SaintShae). 
Has appeared on other adult based sites.

Once social media became a good source for me to network and even meet up with potential models, I was lucky enough to find Shae Spreadz. We weren't local to one another at all, but it didn't stop us from talking on a regular basis. She was always quick to flash her size 10 feet and made sure I saw those pictures when she did. To be honest, she was fun loving and teasing and always said she'd love to shoot for me one day. Naturally, I felt the same way.

I'd say about a year after we began chatting on Twitter (@BootySoBomb), Shae mentioned to me that she would be coming up to my area and was wanting to know if I'd like to work with her. Of course I did and we began to set things up.

Shae was brought to the area by another producer who was kind enough to let me do some photos with her during some downtime. We managed to get in three sets and I had a blast having her in front of my camera. We got along very well and it was so nice being able to pamper those feet of hers as well.

Recently Shae and I have been talking about the possibility of meeting up again. She's coming up this way, but I'm only available on one of her open days. With the way my job has been lately, there is a chance I might not even be open that day either. We've exchanged a few emails, so we'll see if anything is able to be planned as that date draws near.

Shayna (size 7.5)
Model #: 26
Debut Date: October 26, 2005
Published Sets: 5
Published Photos: 276
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2005 (8th)

A number of years ago I worked with Shayna. She was good friends with Kimmie and Kellie, my infamous twin duo from the early years. Like the twins, Shayna was interested in shoot for me as soon as she turned 18 in October of 2005. We, however, didn't get to do anything for Soles of Silk until a few months later. I say "for Soles of Silk" because we did get in a bikini set that I was shooting for a boating publication. After we got our full body photos, I playfully asked if she'd like to do a few foot ones to warm herself up for the full set when we get to do it. She said sure.

Naturally, with her feet involved, I went ahead and posted the set to the site as a bonus. It was only 16 total photos, but I knew people would love seeing her plump toes and soft soles. I figured it would serve as a nice little teaser until she made her full appearance, which ended up coming in December with Kellie.

Catching up with Shayna was never easy. We only got to shoot a couple of times in total. Oddly enough, we've been talking about her coming back for years too. With her job and mine, it just never seemed like our schedules matched up. I'm going to hit her up again here and see if this can be a possibility. It's been nine years since her last update. She'd be such a welcome return!

Shelby (size 7.5)
Model #: 97
Debut Date: July 19, 2017
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 147
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2017 (2nd)
Other Notables: Mindee's mother. Rilynn's mother-in-law. Marcy's and Mariah's aunt. Appears in the only mother/daughter sets on the site with Mindee.

I'll never forget when Mindee texted me last year and told me that her mom wanted to do a shoot with her for the site. I've known Mindee's mom as long as I've known Mindee. She's always been a sweetheart, and in many ways, kind of like Mindee. I can see where Mindee gets some of her traits - including her pretty feet.

Never having shot a mom/daughter combo, I was pumped for this set. Mindee and I went over her house and Mindee did a solo set first so Shelby could see what it was like. The entire time, Shelby was critiquing Mindee. It was hilarious! Then it came time for Shelby's shoot. That's when Mindee got mad at me, which was totally my intent. 

You see, Mindee told me to rub some lotion on her feet before her solo set. I declined. She thought I did because I was embarrassed to do it because her mom was around. Nope. I did it because I was going to rub Mindee's mom's feet to make her jealous. She just so happened to demand me rubbing hers first, which made my plan all the much better. After declining to do hers the previous set, I walked over to Shelby with the lotion and told her I was going to rub them before we began. Mindee just looked at me like, "Really?" I wanted her to see how it is to be teased for a change since she does it to me all the time. It worked like a charm!

Following that set I shot two sets with the both of them together. The one in the kiddie pool was my second favorite set published last year. The bubble wands one, which was published this year, is looking like it's going to rank pretty high on the 2018 favorites list.

I've been talking to Mindee about getting her and her mom back in front of the camera here again soon. And low and behold, Shelby's mom, Mindee's grandmother, apparently wants to shoot a set with them. I couldn't make this stuff up. Naturally, I'll keep you all posted if that should occur. 

Sue Lovely (size 7.5)
Model #: 3
Debut Date: December 29, 2004
Published Sets: 4
Published Photos: 178
Star Model Accolades: 2004 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2004 (3rd)
Other Notables: Site debut model. Has appeared on other foot fetish sites.

When I set out to start up Soles of Silk I was doing so with a mix of friends, former models from my old site (The 10 Little Piggies), and a few models who had actually appeared on other sites. When I came upon Sue Lovely's modeling profile, and saw that she had shot for Feet Dreams, I just had to ask her to be on Soles of Silk.

Sadly, Sue and I would only shoot the one time. She was one of the models who shot for me even before I had a site to show. It was all an upcoming project and she will forever be remembered for helping make that a reality. We did keep in touch, and even talked about shooting again, but not too far after I launched the site, she stopped modeling, from what I recall.

Taylor (size 6.5)
Model #: 41
Debut Date: July 18, 2007
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 121
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2007 (3rd)

This pretty little blonde used to date one of Abby's ex-boyfriends (one of the ones after me, obviously). She told her all about me and the site and told her that she should give it a try. Luckily for me, she did!

I only shot two sets with Taylor, sadly. One of them was the solo one you see above, but the other was one where she teamed up with Abby for some foot massage fun. Needless to say, both her sets were such big hits. I had hoped that she'd become a regular. That obviously didn't happen though, seeing her published set count above.

I still see Taylor somewhat regularly, but usually only in passing. She's with someone else these days, and although we had talked about shooting again long ago, I don't know if that is something that would interest her today. She's never brought it up, nor have I.

Tiff (size 5.5)
Model #: 44
Debut Date: November 10, 2007
Published Sets: 3
Published Photos: 215

Tiff, like Taylor (above), was someone who Abby got to shoot for Soles of Silk. She talked Tiff into shooting a few months after Taylor, and practically the same story played out. Instead of only two sets with Tiff, however, we managed to do three. The set that Abby and Tiff did together was becoming so large, we decided to cut it into two separate sets that were related, but still different. Then there was the solo one you see above.

I never kept in touch with Tiff following the set. It wasn't for any particular reason. She dated a guy that Abby and I used to work with, but he left the workplace many years ago. I wouldn't even know what they're up to these days, or if they're even together.

Tiffany (size 7.5)
Model #: 32
Debut Date: July 7, 2006
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 95
Other Notables: Has appeared on other foot fetish sites.

Tiffany was referred to me from another photographer and content creator in the fetish world. He shot a lot of black women and knew I was looking to add some to the Soles of Silk roster. For the longest time I always seemed to strike out when I tried asking my black female friends, or when I had friends ask their friends who were black. I just couldn't catch a break.

When Tiffany agreed to shoot for the site, I was so excited. We met up at a shopping center and then drove to a park to shoot on a walk bridge over the road below. She brought some sandals with her and we made use of them in that first set. The second set, of the two we shot (above), was done at another nearby shopping center. We got stopped a couple of times by people walking by asking what the photos were for. We just laughed and said it was for some kind of project. I really don't remember. I'm pretty sure they saw me pointing the camera at those soft looking soles though.

Wendy (size 8)
Model #: 30
Debut Date: May 17, 2006
Published Sets: 28
Published Photos: 1,763
K Clubs: 1K (December 2009)
Star Model Accolades: 2006 (2nd), 2008 (2nd), 2012 (1st)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances2006 (9th), 2008 (4th), 2012 (9th)
Other Notables: Former model for The 10 Little Piggies.

Wendy, although not one of the debut models for Soles of Silk's launch, is one of the most vital when it comes to my photography over the years. Like a handful of others, she's a former model from The 10 Little Piggies days, and probably that site's most popular. 

Wendy and I quickly became friends back in our days attending art school together. She shot for me back then and continued to do so once we graduated. It was only natural for me to seek her out when Soles of Silk was really starting to go strong. I figured her return would be a massive hit. I was right. Much like her days on The 10 Little Piggies, Wendy remains a fan favorite to this day.

Now in 2018, it's been a few years since Wendy and I last shot. She's really began to focus on family and we don't chat like we used to. Every so often I'll get a reply text back when asking how she's doing, but I am not sure if she is interested in shooting anymore. I always loved when we got together and as you can see from her accolades above, she is certainly someone worth celebrating. The door will always remain open for Wendy, if returning is something she'd like to do. You best believe I'll be letting everyone know if that does indeed happen.

I want to thank everyone for coming along on this 10 part series that looked at each and every one of the First 100 Models of Soles of Silk. Without these wonderful ladies, and the ones who have since shot for the site, none of this would have been possible. There have been so many great photos of so many great models. It was my pleasure to promote each and every single one of them throughout this series.

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