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Soles of Silk - Year in Review: 2015

The year 2015 will be one that I remember as a busy, busy year. Not only was Soles of Silk keeping me busy, but so was Wu's Feet Links, and so was my everyday job. I always had something on my plate, and sadly it wasn't always a pretty pair of female feet covered in some kind of yummy snack!

When it came time for me to sit down and compile a list of some of the key items that happened on Soles of Silk in 2015, this blog was a major help. Since I debuted the site's blog, I've listed every update, new shoot, and major event here. It's like a diary!

So here we a few weeks into 2016 and I'm finally getting to publish this blog. I wanted to have it up two weeks ago, but I had a weekend trip to Florida planned with a friend. No, it wasn't with Mindee and no, I didn't come away with a bunch of new sets for the site - more on that below. Then I wanted to get this blog entry published last week, but I've been under the weather for a few days now. Anyhow, I say better late than never. Let's take a look at what went on throughout 2015 here on Soles of Silk:


It almost seems appropriate that Mindee kicked things off in 2015 with her nude thigh high set. She was such a major part of the site for the entire year, even though she was technically living out of state at this point in time.

Overall the month was business as usual. The only real stand out was a contribution set of Red-X from Barefoot Urban Girls. This red haired vixen is someone I've been infatuated with since I first saw her on Wu's Feet Links. I was glad to have her be one of only a handful of contributions over the course of the year.

Lastly, January saw the results of the Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Content - 2014 Edition. Not as many entries came in as I expected. Because of the poor turn out, I automatically awarded everyone with a two month membership prize. For those who got all the answers correct, I doubled that membership to four months.


Starting things off with kind of a bummer, Kimmie, one half of the infamous twin duo of Kimmie and Kellie, had her last remaining set published to the site. I haven't really talked to her in some time, but from all accounts, it seems like she and her sister are no longer posing.

On Valentine's Day I went with a set of Rachel DD in some funky purple fencenet stockings. I loved the way they looked on her legs and the way her toes poked through those large stocking holes.

During February I also began posting some of the sets I had been sitting on for a while. It's easy for me to compile a lot of sets quickly, so I made a small effort to get up some of these here. One of those sets was a small mini-set of Jasey Rae. I wasn't sure if that would be her last set on the site or not. Luckily for me, it wasn't. More on that later.


March was a strange month on Soles of Silk. When it came to the updates, things moved along as normal, but it was the extras that really made themselves known.

The biggest news to come out of March was my discovery of some old directories on an old computer of mine with practically all of my The 10 Little Piggies files. I immediately shared the discovery with everyone. It's discovery meant that I could now publish some retro content to Soles of Silk that I had long deemed lost. The first thing I published came shortly thereafter, in the form of a retro interview with Andrea.


April started off with some gags. I played an April Fool's joke on everyone saying that I was able to score a shoot with Mindee, Marcy, and both of their mothers. And while I actually had plans to shoot Marcy's mom, that had fallen through a long time ago. The whole idea would be awesome, but sadly it was just a joke.

In April I announced the return of Amber, who was an original model from when the site debuted. We had plans to shoot, but things fell through and we were never able to schedule anything all year. She swears she still wants to do it though. Maybe in 2016?

Still trying to publish a bunch of the older, unpublished sets to the site, I finally posted the last remaining set I had of Aspen. We've grown apart quite a bit over the last year plus. While she said she'd like to pose again the last time we talked, she hardly ever responds in a timely fashion, so planning with her is next to impossible.

Now the biggest news, pun intended, of April was also some of the biggest news of the entire year - the arrival of Alice. And the pun? Her big size 11 feet, of course. After thinking about posing for a few months, she finally decided to go for it and hasn't looked back since. I made sure she had some fun that first day too as we paid homage to a set Whitney Morgan did that we both loved, but made sure that fast food found its way between her long toes too.

April ended with a double feature of Felicia with a Star Wars theme. I should have really saved this one for the movie's debut recently. Nevertheless, I went with the May the Fourth Be With You gag. People, of course, loved it too.


May saw the actual debut of Alice when the set she shot at the end of April was published to the site. I decided to go with the Fast Food set first just because it was just a fun set. Immediately after it was published, I knew I had a model on the site that people were going to want to see a lot more of.

The end of May saw a unique set published to the site with Jamie. We had done a set in front of the USS Wisconsin Battleship down in Norfolk, Va. I thought it was the perfect set to go along with the holiday. And of course, Jamie's feet are always a perfect treat for any occasion.


I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present at the start of June than to hang out with Kaycee and shoot a few sets, including her Squishy Blue Balls set and her Wu's Feet Links Feature Model set - Dockside Damsel. Kaycee was a major part of the site all year and she certainly deserved that feature set.

Some of the biggest news of the year happened in June - the return of Cierra. The last photo sets she posed for were done in 2010 and her last published set was in 2012. So many of you were happy to finally see her sweaty feet back on the site and I didn't waste any time getting that first set online.

The end of the month was something I was really looking forward to. Mindee and I set out on our mini-vacation to Cedar Point, with many stops along the way at smaller amusement parks and plenty of photo shoot locations. It wasn't until July, however, that most people got to see samples of this amazing trip.


Right off the bat July started off with the samples from the vacation Mindee and I spent together. Seven total sets were shot and people have been begging to see different ones ever since the blog, Vacation Shoot - Mindee, was published. Quite a few have made their way onto the site so far, but more are still yet to come.

For the Fourth of July update I decided to go with Alice's USA Socks set as the update. People were asking for more of her, so it made perfect sense. Later on in the month, she pose for some newer sets as well.

Speaking of new models, the site's second of four new models in 2015 posed for her first set. Rose, a former coworker and long time friend of mine, finally decided to go ahead and show off her little feet on the site. The door was open for her to do so for a few years and I'm glad she finally decided to give it a try.

Some of the biggest news to come out of July was the publishing of Kaycee's Dockside Damsel feature set on Wu's Feet Links. She did a fantastic job, as always. People responded quite well to the set and she loved reading all the positive feedback.


August was pretty much a month focused on some of the newer models getting some camera time. Kaycee continued to shoot and was even able to finally pose with her good friend, Reagan. Alice also did some more shoots, but did some with a model who had yet to pose for the site named Camille.

Camille is Kayleigh younger sister, which made her the second relative of Kayleigh to pose this year. The other was Rose, who is Kayleigh and Camille's cousin. Anyhow, it was awesome to get Camille's little feet on the site, especially when she posed them next to Alice's. Neither of the sets with the two together have made it onto the site yet. Don't worry, you'll be seeing one of them soon.


In September I published the last remaining set I had of Ryan. Just like Aspen, getting in touch with Ryan is next to impossible. I really hope to touch base with her and make up for some lost time. We always had great shoots and had fun taking photos.

The final new model of four debuted in September and was a coworker I had long sought to pose. Riley and her little feet were a welcome addition to Soles of Silk and people loved her right away.

September saw more sets being taken of Alice, Kaycee, and Reagan. These three did quite a bit of sets in the second half of the year. It also gave Kaycee and Reagan another opportunity to pose together again.

September was capped off by a return to the site that I mentioned above. Jasey Rae and I met up and did a bunch of sets - all of which came out really well. I couldn't wait to get some of them onto the site, but knew some of them would have to wait. Her pudgy toes and soft soles have long been a weakness of mine, and from what I read when posting her new sets, many of yours as well.


By October I'm pretty much done shooting photos, usually. That wasn't the case in 2015. A number of models like Mindee, Cierra, Marcy, and Kelsey all posed for some new sets. But so did newcomer, Riley.

Riley and I did some sets on back to back days while on break at work. It was raining both days, but we made them work. I hope we can take even more photos in 2016 since we got off to a late start.

The month ended with one of the sets I shot earlier in the month when Kelsey was the focus of the site's Halloween update. It had been a while since I got to shoot her soft, no, super soft feet, so I was ever so happy to have her do the set.


By November I was trying to use some of the older sets once again. I had shot so many new sets and I still had a number of ones that were over a year old at this point. I tried my best to get up as many of them as I could. I didn't get them all, but I'm planning on doing some double photo updates again soon to get up the remainder of them.

Speaking of old, I decided to start taking some of the site's original columns from 2004 and add them to the blog. I found out that I could back date the blog entries so they'd appear in the appropriate year and month they were originally published. I ultimately plan to move over all of the columns, but it will take some time. I want them all to be in one place, especially if I get moving on redesigning the site anytime soon.

For Thanksgiving I decided to give everyone a double portion of dessert. The first set featured Jamie smashing a Strawberry Pie with her feet. The second saw Rachel DD smashing a Carrot Cake. I think I got a cavity just creating the update, among other things!


Entering the final month of the year I was fully ready to keep on posting the sets I had accumulated all year, plus any that had remained from before. Little did I know that we'd experience a day in the mid-60's temperature wise leading up to Christmas. That led to Mindee and I doing a couple of last minute sets that also led to her getting into the 3K Club before year's end.

In December I also focused on getting in a few blogs. For the most part, I wasn't tending to the blog as regularly as I typically did at the end of the year. So much was on my plate that I fell behind. Well, I wanted to change that and I did so by naming the site's Star Models for 2015, naming My 10 Favorite Sets of 2015, and getting the Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Contest - 2015 Edition onto the site.

Looking Ahead... 

The immediate future of Soles of Silk will be business as usual. I'm aiming to get some of the sets I've been sitting on published to the site, but also keep up some of the regular appearances of the girls who have posed for a bunch of sets over the last year - namely Mindee, Alice, and Kaycee. Don't worry, however, as I also have sets of many other fan favorites to add into the mix as well.

This year I really hope to begin laying down the structure for a newly designed Soles of Silk. The artist in me wants to change things up a bit and learn Adobe Muse. That, however, will be done in the background until it's finished and ready to be placed online.

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