Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday's Missed Shoot - Kaycee

Marcy's set in the mud from 2010 was a very unique set.

All night long it rained its ass off. Kaycee, who shot last week (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Kaycee"), told me in recent months that she wanted to do a set like Marcy did back in 2010 where she got covered in mud. With both of us having off and knowing the ground was going to be soaked in the morning, we decided to shoot again.

Kaycee and I met around 11 a.m. and drove to a waterfront park I have used before. The rain had stopped about an hour before and the sun was beginning to come out. Sadly, that's not what I wanted. For a set like this, an overcast day without the sun beating down on us, is desired. We didn't get that and because of it, when we got to the park, there were several cars on the parking lot. People were already walking around. Several people were even sitting at the best spot we found too - one that featured some mud and water puddles an inch or two deep. I wasn't about to ask Kaycee to plop down in the mud with several people not too far away. 

We walked around the park for a bit and ended up finding a second location that wasn't bad, but wasn't the most ideal either. Since we ate up some time wandering around, it also meant that we'd have to rush the set because Kaycee had plans following the shoot. To be able to keep them and having time to do the shoot and of course, go home and shower afterward, was looking like it wasn't going to work. That's when we just sat down and discussed our options.

I told Kaycee I'd still very much like to do this set, but perhaps save it for another day and do it while it's still raining. With rain falling, less people would be likely to be going to a park. She agreed and said she'd still step in the mud and just get her feet dirty, if I wanted her to. I thought about it, but because she just had the Rodgers Tavern Set published last week where she also had dirty feet, and we were still looking to do this set in a puddle, I didn't want to have Kaycee doing too many similar sets. That's when we picked up our stuff to walk around to see if we could shoot somewhere else in the park.

We made our way back to the start of the park and decided to check out a large group of rocks in the river. Due to the water levels being so high, however, all the rocks you'd step on to get off shore to the larger rocks were totally submerged. That's when I looked to a near by boat ramp. No sooner did I look that way, an older couple walked out with fishing equipment and chairs to set up shop. Just not our day!

I shot Ginger on one of the two playgrounds at the park Kaycee and I were at today.

As we walked back toward our cars we passed a playground set. Now, I've shot on playgrounds a bunch of times and have actually shot on one of the two found in this particular park in the past with Ginger (see above image). I just wasn't feeling the playground today, so we went back to walking.

One final idea we had took us back over to the back end of the park, where earlier, we saw the park's second boat launch totally covered by the tide. It was barely sticking up out of the water - each little ripple, washing over the planks. I thought that might make for an interesting setting. I've shot on countless piers, but never one almost submerged. And wouldn't you know it, the water level had dropped. Even though it was now about 6-8 inches lower, the position of the sun is actually what kept me from shooting on it. At that point, I was getting annoyed. Shooting here would have meant having the shoreline and actual cement ramp in the background. Tha wouldn't have been terrible, but there was liter washed up all over the place and it just didn't look appealing to me.

With our time running out Kaycee and I decided to just say screw it and schedule something else for another day. I felt bad since we actually met up and walked around for over an hour, but it just wasn't in the cards on this day. I almost wish we had gotten together at like 8-9 a.m. when it was still raining. We would probably have been all alone in the park like Marcy and I were. Oh well, next time!

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