Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Tease of Foot Selfies - Emerald

The selfie. The dreaded mirror, or self-taken picture that has been plaguing the internet since the advent of social media. I think it's a rule for every girl online to post at least two dozen selfies on their social media accounts per week. While it's virtually impossible to escape them, there is one that can be a most welcome, albeit teasing sight - the foot selfie.

Just this morning I encountered such a tease. I was just getting ready to step into the shower when my phone went off. I was close enough to grab it and since I have a Lifeproof case, I stepped into the shower with my phone to see who it was. It turned out to be Emerald. She was getting back to a text I left her the previous day.

The day before I had sent Emerald a screenshot of an Instagram (@SolesofSilk) post I made showing her soles. The description underneath the photo read, "Really miss Emerald's cute lil #soles & plump #toes! Need to schedule a shoot. #footfetish #feet #fetish"

Emerald's text read, "LOL! I'll be back soon."

I told her she better. I even threatened to give an awesome set idea that we came up with to one of the other models if she isn't. Almost immediately I got a response to that.

"You better not!" Emerald warned me.

As I began to reply my screen jumped and filled with an image of Emerald's adorable toes. I stopped typing and saved it immediately. This was that image.

Emerald KNOWS I love her feet!

"You luv these! LOL!" the text accompanying the picture read.

And Emerald was 100 percent correct. I've loved her feet from the first day I was lucky enough to see them. And yes, I really do feel lucky for it! But I do honestly miss them and hope we can do quite a few photos in 2014.

One thing you'll notice in the selfie above is Emerald's pedicure. She is always sporting some kind of interesting paint jobs and designs. She does them herself and is very talented. If you have read her introductory interview on the site, you already know that she's been doing nails for many years.

"I do paint my own [nails]. I'm a professional. I've done nails for over 14 years." Emerald said when asked if she paints her own nails.

While I would have loved to have talked to Emerald for more time, I was running behind for work. I told her I had to finish getting ready and I'd contact her again soon.

Hours later, during my work break, I came up with the idea to share the wealth and show off Emerald's picture on Instagram. It wasn't too brag, but show how much of a tease Emerald had been. I mentioned how she told me that she knows that I love her feet and since I know many of you do as well, why not share it?

Around 8 p.m. I was leaving work and decided to see what kind of response Emerald's picture garnered. She had quite a few likes, so I decided to contact her yet again. I sent a screenshot of her selfie to me on Instagram with the countless likes below. I wanted her to know I wasn't the only one who appreciated her feet.

"Nice!" she texted me in response.

I then went on and on for a few minutes, thanking her for the foot selfie earlier and told her to feel free to send me more whenever she wants to. Emerald, however, was under the impression that I meant right then and there.

"Okay. My feet are in boots, but give me some time." she replied.

I told Emerald that I didn't mean right then and there, or even tonight. I just meant in the future if she got a new pedicure, had some cute shoes on, ect.

Being Emerald was in boots, however, I decided to toy with her a little bit. After explaining the above, I sent her some emojis to express how I'd love to sniff her feet fresh out of those boots. I wasn't sure if she could even see the emojis or understand where I was going with it. But she did!

"Yes, with no socks on," she added to further tease me, knowing I love smelling girls sweaty feet.

I told Emerald how awesome she was and told her how she's doing a great job of teasing and denying me - which I'm certain she enjoys. Emerald thanked me for the compliments and I let her be for the night. I did tell her to expect a blog post about the selfie she sent me, however.

While this isn't the first time Emerald has sent me selfies of her alluring feet, I haven't shared them with all of you. I used to include foot selfies in some of my old columns on Soles of Silk. Since switching to the blog, however, I haven't shared any. My plans moving forward is to periodically try to do future installments about the girls who send me these teasing pictures. While Emerald was the most recent, she's not the only one who has enjoyed showing me what I'm missing out on.

Next time you see one of these foot selfie blogs it will probably be based on another model. I have quite a few of both Mindee and Aspen saved to my phone, but who knows. Perhaps Emerald will tease me some more by sending me some sweaty feet selfies once those boots come off! I can only hope! And I won't at all hesitate to do another blog about her and the pictures she sent, should that happen. But for now, I'll leave you with the ones she has already sent. I don't remember the conversations we had when these were sent as too much time has passed. All I do know is that I saved them and you probably want to see them too!

One of Emerald's awesome pedicures.

The oldest foot selfie I have from Emerald.

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