Monday, April 17, 2017

Melani - Little Feet, Big Heart

So many of you have been in love with the site's newest model, Melani. Can't say I blame you!

Today was the first Monday this month where I didn't get to shoot photos with one of the site's newest models, Melani. It's not like we had planned to do any, but last night I did shoot her a text to tell her my day looked to be open today. Sadly, hers was not. It rained anyhow, but I'm sure she would have looked cute stomping her little size 6's into some mud or rain puddles. We would have made something happen, I'm sure. Oh well!

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me on social media and on the site itself. From the moment Melani's first photo was shown on Instagram (IG) (@SolesofSilk), Twitter (TW) (@SolesofSilk), and the Wu's Feet Links Forum (WU), she's been a massive hit. There are too many to list, but just check out some of the comments from these three platforms:

  • "Killing the competition with this one." - @razorsharpselect (IG)
  • "Wow she is gorgeous." - @foot_kisses (IG)
  • "She is amazing. Her soles are even more AMAZING." - @theteam17 (IG)
  • "Melani is so gorgeous. Her feet are just an added bonus." - @kingdoug81 (IG)
  • "Great find Patrick! I'm sure those shoes make her feet smell intense!" - @barefoot_planet (IG)
  • "She's gorgeous from head to soles."@pintokenneth (IG)
  • "Oh wow. She's a 10 with awesome soles." - @BenRebellious (TW)
  • "She is one of the prettiest models you have ever had!" - @Irishfootfan (TW)
  • "She looks incredible!" - @mace17 (TW)
  • "Gorgeous model, incredible feet!" - @Benlovesfeet (TW)
  • "Holy crap you outdid yourself this time and the clear sneakers, awesome touch." - @BenRebellious (TW)
  • "I'll say home run! 'Crack goes the bat!' Great score, Patrick." - Kelfee (WU)

Then there was email. I had a few of you mention that you liked Melani and were looking forward to her debut. This email, however, was one I was quick to share with her to show her how much people liked her and her work.

"Hey man! I just saw your preview pics of your new model, Melani, and I just have to say, wow. She is absolutely beautiful and might have the prettiest feet I've ever seen! I hope you get to take as many pics of her as you possibly can. You do amazing work! Hope everything is going well for you." - Derek

All this feedback, and more, has been shared with Melani. We have been chatting on a regular basis and she's loves seeing what everyone has to say. She might be tiny, but this girl has a lot of love for all of you. She gets so happy seeing all these comments, likes, shares, and retweet on social media. For those of you, like the person above, who took the time to write an entire email, you truly made her day. Melani has little feet, but has a big heart. Thanks for showing her that love right back, everyone! 

Since you've all been so awesome, please enjoy these two preview shots from sets that are yet to be published. Stay up to date on any Soles of Silk happenings on this blog, or via social media by visiting the links listed above. And don't worry everyone, it's only been one week since I last shot photos of Melani. I don't plan on letting too many go by without getting her back in front of the camera again.

This fun little pose came during Melani's first ever set.

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