Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Foot Fetish Family Portrait

Cousins Mindee & Marcy will soon be joined by... (read below)

One thing I've always tried to do on Soles of Silk is get models to ask their sisters, cousins, and other female relatives to pose for the site too. One thing I've never had, however, is a mother daughter shoot. I've tried telling Kimmie and Kellie's mom she should pose, but she'd always laugh and say I was so sweet to flatter her with my requests. So no deal there.

Once Marcy posed, however, she told her mom all about the sets she did and she loved them. I told her to get her mom to pose and she actually asked. And her mom agreed! 

A few weeks went by and I planned a shoot with Mindee, Marcy, and Marcy's mom. The set ultimately didn't happen, however, because Marcy's mom backed out thinking her son's (Marcy's brother) friends would never let him hear the end of it. I was heartbroken, but I understood.

Fast forward a few years and one day I'm sitting in my room and I get a text message from Mindee. The message contained an image at what, at first take, looked like her feet. Upon blowing up the photo to full screen, however, something wasn't quite right. The tattoo looked the same, but it wasn't Mindee's feet.

A few minutes later Mindee sent me another text, laughing, saying that is her mom's feet and they have the same tattoo - with different small initials inside the design. I told her something was off and I had no idea what was going on. We just laughed as she totally got one over on me.

Sadly I looked all over my computer for this photo to include with this blog. I saved it somewhere - as I do with all my foot photos that are sent to me by the models. I just don't know where it went!

Last week I finally got to meet up with Mindee for lunch. It's been months since I last saw her after she moved out of state at the end of last year. It was nice to finally catch up and I'm happy that she's moved back home. 

Naturally future shoot ideas was a topic of some of our conversation. I told her I still wanted to do the long talked about, M&M's set with both herself and her cousin, Marcy. They've posed for two sets together and both were amazing.

As we continued to talk I brought up the topic of Marcy's mom and how she was supposed to pose. I said I was bummed out when she didn't do it. Mindee said, "Let me call her and see if she'll do it now since you don't work with [Marcy's brother] anymore."

After a few minutes Mindee looked at me with a smirk and said, "She's down!"

So after all these years it looks like Marcy's mom is going to pose after all. And that's when I got an idea.

"You should so ask your mom to pose too," I said to Mindee.

"Want me to call her and ask her?" she asked.

"Do you think she'll do it?" I questioned.

"Yeah!" Mindee said.

Once again Mindee took to the phone, this time, calling her mom. They talked about all kinds of things for almost 10 minutes. I was starting to think Mindee wasn't going to ask her, but then she did.

Mindee's mom thought it was funny that I wanted her to pose, but said why not and to just let her know when. After hearing that, I had a brilliant idea that I'm going to make happen!

Mindee... Marcy... Mindee's mom... Marcy's mom... All of them in one set. A foot fetish family portrait - if you will. I've only done two four girl sets, both of which had some relative pairings. This one... This one would be epic though! But sadly, this is an April Fools Day joke on all of you that I'm sure you're totally mad at me for now. Please don't hate me!

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