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Getting to Know... Jamie

I'd love to smell Jamie's toes and shoe.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Jamie

Model Statistics

Debuted: July 2010
# of Photo Sets: 16*
# of Photos: 963*

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 7
Ticklish: Only slightly
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Soles
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Bright pinks and blues
Favorite Type of Shoes: Flip flops and wedge heels

Model Interview Quotes

"My Vans make my feet sweaty almost every time I wear them. The shoes are usually the ones that smell pretty bad, not my feet."         - Jamie, Model Interview

Short Bio

You know a girl wants to show off her feet for a foot fetish site when her first shoot is scheduled for the day after she turns the big one-eight. That's how it happened with Jamie, a former coworker, and still friend of mine. She was hired before her 18th birthday and as time progressed and she became friends with people at work. During that time she learned of Soles of Silk being some of those friends she made posed for me. Jamie too was interested, but I told her she would have to wait until she turned 18. Well, as I just explained, she sure didn't wait long!

We ended up going all out for her very first shoots. We arranged a day trip up to Wildwood, NJ - a place I used to go to on a yearly basis with my grandparents as a child. It had been years since I had been to Wildwood, so I figured it would be really neat to see how it changed, enjoy a day at the beach, but above all else, take photos of a newly minted 18 year old girl's soles.

For a first timer Jamie sure did an awesome job. We shot five sets using some really neat locations. The feedback was nothing but positive and I knew people would want to see more. And in the last three years, they've certainly have.

Jamie is currently only 37 photos shy of joining the 1K Club - a club which denotes reaching 1,000 photos on the site. With four sets currently unpublished, Jamie will be breaking the mark in the weeks to come. I see no reason why in a few years she won't be joining the 2K Club as well. Only two girls have done that so far in the site's 10 years, but Jamie never lets me go long without sticking her feet in my face... I mean, my camera. Okay, she's stuck them in my face a few times too - usually after a foot rub! She's a sucker for my foot rubs and her feet have spent countless hours being pampered in my hands.

One thing I've come to like about Jamie is her enthusiasm in wanting to pose for the site. Immediately after posing for her first five sets in Wildwood she was hitting me up to do a few more sets before she went away to college. That is when we did the Batgirl Fangirl (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and Bobblehead (Sample 01 / Sample 02) sets. With an immediate abundance of photo sets featuring Jamie, I had plenty to post while she was out of state attending classes.

Each and every break, however, Jamie will text me like clockwork to try to shoot something new. She might only have a few days back home, but she always wants to know if I'm up for taking her pics. I honestly always want to, but the timing isn't always right. With my work schedule I can't always do a shoot without some planning ahead of time.

During Jamie's first summer break from school we really went all out and shot a bunch of new photos - including some with our mutual friend, Charlee. Their set on the playground (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and the Kickball set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) were so fun to shoot! Seeing both girls' soles side-by-side was too cute! Really... their feet look amazing together.

With my photo bank once again overflowing with sets of Jamie we didn't really shoot for about a year, which was the following summer break. We managed to get together a few times to shoot, which included the infamous Baby Oil set (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Of course I made sure to rub those oily feet afterward for over an hour. That's pretty much become a standard for our shoots - a bunch of photos followed by a very long foot rub.

Once again, I had so many photos of Jamie and I knew it would take me some time to get them all onto the site. That didn't stop me, however, from doing a last minute shoot with her during her winter break that same year. We shot three sets at my friend's house one night before a Ravens game, one of which was the one she squished a few cannoli under those tiny feet (Sample 01 / Sample 02). One of the other sets shot that night is teased below. It was her first set in stockings and I decided to go with white pantyhose. It sure did look good seeing that white hose trapping her toes and soles inside.

When her next summer break came, I still had so many sets of Jamie to post. And for the first time since she went away to school, we did not shoot a single set over a summer break. That doesn't mean we didn't talk about it. Our schedules just didn't match up. The final days of summer came and went and Jamie and I swore we'd have to find some time during one of her fall breaks. At least I had all those photos to still use though. No one would be missing out on their Jamie fix!

Luckily Jamie and I did find some time to shoot before the weather turned cold. While home for a weekend we found time to shoot two sets - one of which is teased at the top of this blog page. I'm telling you, it wasn't the first time I had seen Jamie's feet come out of a pair of tennis shoes without socks, but I was still like a kid in a candy store. I wish that photo was scratch and sniff!

As I sit here now at the start of December one thing is for certain, Jamie, as she has in years past, has quite a bit of content to come. I don't think we'll be shooting anything new with her upcoming winter break, but perhaps a foot rub or two will be in order. Right now I want to get these sets online and plan some new ones for warmer weather. I'm sure Jamie won't mind planning another day trip in 2014 so I can spend the day at her feet... taking photos of course! Okay, okay... and rubbing them too!

Photographer's Final Thoughts

In just over three years Jamie's feet have spent too many hours in my hands to count. In an upcoming modeling interview I conducted with her, she even agrees that her feet might have spent more time in my hands than some of the shoes she owns. I think I can speak for her when I say, we both love when I get to pamper her adorable little feet.

All that being said, there is a little something I am hoping to experience when it comes to rubbing Jamie's feet. I want to give her a post workout foot massage. Unlacing her shoes, peeling off her sweaty socks, and pampering her warm, moist feet is high on my bucket list.

A lot of this stems from some of our recent text message exchanges. The last few times I've texted her I reached her while she was at the gym. She always playfully mentions that she could sure use a foot rub and that I am missing out on her sweaty feet. So yeah, I don't want to miss out anymore!

So I guess I get to find out if Jamie really wants me to pamper her feet when they most deserve it, or if she'd rather have fun teasing me about it and never granting my wish. Either way, I'm sure it will be an adventure!

Jamie's feet look so cute in white pantyhose.

* as of the date this blog was posted

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