Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Megan Jones (New Model)

For the first time since I began the Soles of Silk blog I debated on not blogging about a shoot I had just done. Not that anything went wrong or I had a bad experience with the shoot - quite the contrary. Yesterday's shoot was amazing as I got to shoot a brand new model and make a new friend in the process. 

So why did I think about not blogging about the shoot, you ask? Well, in the site's previous blog, "News & Notes - November 2013," I explained the upcoming "The 10 Lil' Piggies Project." For those of you who didn't read the blog, or don't feel like doing so before continuing on, let me explain really quick. 

As part of the site's 10 year anniversary celebration in 2014 I am aiming on doing a few things to celebrate. One of those things is debuting 10 new models to the site. Well, with a little over a month left before 2014, I've decided that the site's newest model, Megan Jones (@BeachBaby1984) is going to make her debut as part that project. Add in another new girl posing in the weeks to come and I'll have two new models right away to help me kick off this little initiative.

Since some of you already knew I was shooting Megan from our conversations on Twitter, I was debating on whether to blog about the shoot right away (as normal), or wait until I debuted her. Luckily for you, I decided to go ahead and do it now. I mean, why not give you all a good tease of what is to come in 2014 on Soles of Silk? Plus, I'm almost certain that Megan would love to tease you all for a little bit too before letting you indulge! And now for that teasing...

The day started off pretty slow. I slept in not having to meet Megan until 3:30 p.m. I'm not a morning person and since our sets would be indoors, that worked out just fine for me. With Megan having some other work with other producers scheduled before me, I took my time to gather my things before starting on the drive to Northern Virginia.

After figuring out the wonderful parking situation anyone familiar with Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. knows all too well, I made my way up to Megan's room. She greeted me and right away we struck up conversation. Other than some e-mail and text messages, this was our first time talking. It didn't take me long to warm up to her. She has a great personality and I felt like we hit it off immediately.

Shoot #1: Chair by the window

We didn't waste much time jumping into the first set either. We continued to chat while I set up my photography equipment and a few minutes later I was taking my first pictures of her. 

I decided to keep things casual for this first set. Since so many people love barefoot girls in blue jeans, that seemed like the perfect theme to start with. Megan sat in the chair in front of the large window and I snapped away. I told her just after a handful of shots that I can always tell when I'm working with someone whose done this before. I barely gave her any instruction at all. 

Once I shot enough photos for her first set we began trying to figure out what to do for the second one. I had brought some stockings with me, just in case we wanted to use them for a set. Well, Megan took a liking to the teal thigh highs and picked out a matching outfit she brought. While she changed, I pointed my lights over to the bed.

Shoot #2: Teal Thigh Highs

When Megan was ready she climbed onto the bed and I began shooting her second set. I quickly noticed the way those stockings stretched over her deep arches. Add in those cute toe spreads and those stockings were pulled nice and taunt over various spots on her shapely feet. This is something I adore when shooting stocking sets. I was glad to be getting in a set of wearing some, but little did I know, it would be the first of two stocking sets on the day. More on that set in a bit. I don't want to get ahead of myself.

It was during this set that Megan playfully asked me if I wanted to have a picture of me at her feet. I laughed and said I'd love to. Her tone changed a little and she then instructed me to get down at her feet. Guess she knows I like when a girl is in charge? Guilty...

I took my place and made sure to share that one to Instagram (@SolesofSilk) along with one of her spreading those stocking clad toes. The cat was out of the bag on teasing you all once those got posted. That's when I knew I'd be writing this blog now, instead of later.

After we wrapped up the second set Megan asked me what I wanted to do for the third set. I had already took a liking to a pair of her black heels that were laying by her luggage bag. I told her I'd love to use those and she said sure. She then found some pink and black evening wear to match.

Shoot #3: Black High Heels

Once Megan was finished getting dressed into her outfit for the third set we went back to the bed. I noticed right away that she looked even leggier in this set. She looked leggy in the prior set too, but with those heels, her legs looked like they never ended. As someone who also likes legs, that made me quite happy.

Something else that made me quite happy in this set, is something you can see in the preview shot above - shoe smelling. While I'm always game to sniff on some sweaty female toes, breathing in some of the smell left in a girl's shoes can be fun too. I didn't know whether to be turned on or jealous watching Megan inhale the inside of those black heels numerous times. Admittedly, it was a bit of both!

Shoot #4: Dresser & Flats

Now that Megan had done two sets on the bed wearing some more risque attire, I decided to go for a more casual look for the fourth set. Megan and I went back to her luggage and decided on some flats. Funny, wasn't I just saying how much I loved sticking my nose into a girl's shoes? Well, you can't get much smellier than flats!

When you look at the teaser image above, you're probably asking, "Flats? What flats?" Don't worry, there are flats in the set. I just liked that shot and went with it as a preview. And after all, what kind of teaser would it be if it didn't tease a little bit? So yeah, all you fans of flats, this set will be one you'll like once it's posted.

Shoot #5: Charcoal Pantyhose

Once I had enough pictures in for Megan's flats set we decided to make use of a prop you may have noticed in that flats set teaser for the fifth set. If you said the pair of pantyhose hanging out of the dresser, you're correct!

We decided to go to the desk for this one. Megan had brought her laptop, so we brought it out. Megan also had some calls to make, so I told her to go for it while I snapped some shots. I like to add some realism into the set, so she took care of some of her bookings.

This set happens to be the set I mentioned above where I got to see Megan's wide spread toes webbed by stockings once more. I'm so glad she mentioned this pair of pantyhose because I get quite a few requests for them, but don't do them as often as I'd like. Being so sheer and a nice charcoal color, I was game from the minute she showed them to me. 

This was also the set where I became a bit of a tease myself. At one point during the shoot I reached out and gave one of her feet a quick rub. She melted into her chair saying how good it felt. That's when I let go and said, "Okay, back to pictures."

"What about the other one?" Megan asked.

I said, "Nope," and grabbed for my camera.

"You have to at least rub the other one just as long," she told me.

Of course I couldn't deny the invitation and rubbed that other foot for a little bit. Megan knew I couldn't resist, although if I had, it might have turned into instruction to do so.

Shoot #6: Knee High Socks

After the fifth set Megan asked what we should do for the final one of the evening. I honestly had no clue. I tried hard to get a few different genres of the fetish in by doing the heels, flats, pantyhose, thigh highs, and of course, bare feet. A sixth set was eluding me for a few minutes until I remembered that I had brought some knee high socks with me. I pulled the socks out and showed Megan. She grabbed the pair with the yellow stripes and found herself an outfit from her luggage for the final time of the night.

Shooting in a hotel room with limited space I decided to just go back to the bed once more. It lends itself to the most poses and I didn't really want to use the bathroom area as it wasn't too spacious.

We fired off photos for this set pretty quickly. All night long Megan just did pose after pose without me needing to tell her much at all. So before I knew it, I had close to enough pictures of her stripping off the knee high socks. I suggested her stretching them around her feet for the last few and she did the rest. Six sets in and you can see how much fun she was still having by the end in the sample above.

After completing the last set of the day I began to pack up and get ready for the ride home. Megan sat upon the bed and when I was about ready to go she asked if I wanted to rub her feet for a few. I pretty much dropped my bag right there and didn't even bother to take off my jacket. My hands took to her feet and I pampered them like they deserved to be.

As I said in the beginning, I feel like I made a new friend in Megan. Although I'm not sure when we'll meet up again for photos, I really hope we do. We're going to keep in touch and if either of us is traveling to the other's area, we're going to let the other know. 

So now I leave you with something to contemplate. Now that you've seen the teasers from all six sets done with Megan Jones today, which one do you want to see the most? Might be fun to let all of you choose which set she debuts with in 2014. But sorry fellas, there is no "all the above" option!

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