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1K Club - Emerald's Footography

This week's set, marking Emerald's inclusion into the 1K Club.

It's time to honor another milestone for one of the Soles of Silk models. This time it is Emerald and she is joining the 1K Club (1,000 photos). She is the 16th model to reach this milestone and is someone I can see joining the 2K Club in the years to come.

Before we take a look at Emerald and her journey to this point, let's take a look at all the models in the 1K Club and where they currently stand: 
  1. Mindee - 5,695 photos
  2. Cierra - 2,439 photos
  3. Layla - 1,942 photos
  4. Jamie - 1,874 photos
  5. Madison - 1,832 photos
  6. Wendy - 1,763 photos
  7. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  8. Kelsey - 1,730 photos
  9. Charlee - 1,693 photos
  10. Alice - 1,643 photos
  11. Kayleigh - 1,434 photos
  12. Abby - 1,380 photos
  13. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  14. Kimmie - 1,220 photos
  15. Emerald - 1,033 photos <----
  16. Jasey Rae - 1,033 photos

Now that the numbers are out of the way, let's take a look at this amazing model and friend of mine. The year was 2012. It was October and Mindee told me that Emerald wanted to shoot for the site. I had known Emerald, through Mindee, for a few years at that point. She was actually there when Mindee shot the very first photos in front of some roller coasters inside an amusement park. She came with Mindee and I as we split off from our group of friends that day to take those. She thought it looked really fun, but was unable to shoot herself, at the time, for personal reasons.

Jump ahead two years and now Emerald's situation had changed. She was wanting to shoot and we decided to go ahead and make that happen. Since it was October, we didn't have too much more time before it would be too cold too shoot outside. We made our plans and got in three sets in total. On that day, Emerald's toes were painted a deep, dark blue. I was instantly in love with her size 7's and was so glad she told Mindee to tell me she was ready to shoot. 

If I had to pick a word to describe Emerald's feet, I'd have to go with flawless. They have a nice shape, she always keeps them freshly pedicured, and those soles are so damn soft and smooth. Your finger tips press right into them like pillows. I know this so very well because she enjoys my foot rubs each and every shoot. Okay, obviously I do too, but that's a given! But yeah, Emerald's feet are flawless!

Once her very first set was published to the site at the end of October 2012, Emerald knew she wanted to keep shooting.

"I thought maybe I'll do it once. Then after that first time, I was like, 'When can I shoot again? I'm addicted!'" Emerald said in her 10 for 10 Interview.

Emerald had a blast, and all the positive comments I was sharing with her from all of you, only made her love what she did even more. Her next shoot, however, would take things to the next level! Why? Well, that was the first time she got to team up with Mindee. Anytime I pair up such good friends, I can always count on some good sets - these two, took it above and beyond, nonetheless. 

One of the sets to come from this pairing was the Valentine's set. I named it as one of my favorite sets of 2013 (see blog: "My 10 Favorite Sets: 2013"). As for Emerald, that is her overall favorite to date.

"Valentine's with Mindee, I loved. Everything with her is a blast!" she said in her 1K Club Interview. "Mindee and I have so much fun together in everything we do."

At this point, Emerald was one of my more popular models on the site. People wanted to see more of her and we certainly didn't disappoint them with the sets that we did in 2014. My favorite, the banana size tease, among them.

For months Emerald and I discussed shoot ideas and she told me she wanted to smash bananas with her feet. There was a catch, however. She wanted to smash them in public, where people could, and most likely would, see. I was shocked! She then called me out, asking if I was too much of a pussy to shoot that. What was I going to say? I assured her I'd shoot it, but I wanted to go all out and make it a size tease set as well. I was now turning the tables on her. Would she go for that? She sure as hell did! Didn't even hesitate either.

"I'm so glad you pulled through to prove you aren't at all, a pussy," Emerald said in her 1K Club Interview. "It was so much fun. I'm not at all a shy girl. And who doesn't like things between their toes?"

That was the shoot that I really realized just how much Emerald enjoyed teasing, not just me, but all of you too. Although we weren't right on the main path of the park where we shot the banana set, people surely saw us. They saw Emerald smashing those bananas under her feet, with all the slimy clumps between her toes and clinging to her soles. Then there was me, in awe, as she flipped up tiny gestures and cut the little bananas in half to send a pretty clear message about the smaller things in life.

"I would have to say the banana shoot is one of my most memorable moments. I think from running around looking for tiny bananas, to finding the red ones, the large ones, and then those candy bananas, then smashing them you really enjoying it. Not to mention, the little insider between you and I made it even more memorable," said Emerald in her 10 for 10 Interview.

It was in that same interview where the word "teasing" was picked when I asked her, "If you could only pick one word to describe what it's like to pose for Soles of Silk, what would it be?" I guess that's just another reason why I love having her shoot so very much. I adore a girl with a strong tease game and Emerald's ranks up there pretty high, as you can see from above.

Other than the banana size tease set, Emerald and I did a few more sets in 2014 that ranked among my favorites of hers for the next couple of years. Two of her sets made the "My 10 Favorite Sets: 2014" blog and one was featured the in "My 10 Favorite Set: 2015" blog. Sadly, however, we didn't actually shoot any sets in 2015, or 2016. Nope, we didn't shoot again until last year and man, was she long overdue! 

Emerald didn't lose a step, shooting four solo sets, as we waited for Mindee, where we shot yet another team up. The three wait was well worth it though and maybe, just maybe, it was Emerald's way of teasing me yet again? Perhaps she thought after the 12 sets and who knows how many hours of rubbing her feet, I needed a break? Gotta keep us foot boys wanting!

Speaking of wanting, apparently Emerald just doesn't enjoy teasing us fellas, but the ladies as well - at least the ones she calls friend. On the day I got to be before Emerald again after her 3 year hiatus, Mindee was running late and we started without her. While we waited, in between sets, Emerald took some selfies that we sent to Mindee of me down at her feet, rubbing them like they deserved. Emerald was chilling on the pier, laying down, relaxed, and getting her feet rubbed. We sent it to Mindee and asked if she was jealous. I know she was!

Eventually Mindee did join us and I got to shoot and pamper both of their feet together. Ahh... the finer things in life! And Mindee didn't kill me either, so that good!

To date, I have shot 17 sets with Emerald, with 14 of them published at the time of this blog. Take a look at all these amazing sets and you can see all the tremendous work Emerald has accumulated:

So far in 2018 I have not shot any new sets with Emerald. This has been sort of a down year for me overall. I've shot with a handful of new models, but I've been trying to use a lot of the unpublished content I'm sitting on. Still, Emerald and those flawless feet... I need more of them in my life. Perhaps she has some open time coming up soon and I can get them in front of my camera lens, and in my loving hands again. So what do you say, Emerald? I sent you the link to this blog. Give me some dates and lets get you on your way to the 2K Club!

One of Emerald's unpublished sets that I cannot wait to post.

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