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Sunday's Shoot - Mia Kay (New Model)

For the third time now I have shot someone I have featured in my "Would Love to Shoot" blog series. That model is none other than, Mia Kay. It should honestly come as no surprise as I wrapped up her part of the "Would Love to Shoot #16" entry by saying:

"I will be sure to keep everyone posted when it comes to shooting with Mia. As long as she's still up for it, which I wouldn't see why she isn't, I'm pretty sure this is going to happen. I can't wait."

This dark-haired beauty is now the newest addition to the Soles of Silk model roster. It's been a while since I have went out and shot a foot fetish model from around the web, if you will. The last time I did that was actually back in March 2014 when I shot Lela Beryl (see blog: "Tuesday's Shoot - Lela Beryl"). Oddly enough, Lela was the second model from the "Would Love to Shoot" blog series to debut on the site after her friend, Rachel DD did so in July 2013 (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Rachel DD"). 

So yeah, it's been a while. I've mostly stuck to the tried and tested, shooting friends and friends of those friends. It's worked out well, but I just wanted to venture out again and shoot someone whose work I enjoyed. And although Mia is used to do much more adult-natured work that you find here on Soles of Silk, I still wanted her in front of my camera showing off her pretty size 7.5 feet. I did, however, let her do a few sets with some naughty themes/messages, but that still in good fun.

When Sunday finally rolled around I jumped in the car for what should have been a 2.5 hour drive up to New Jersey. I had found a pretty nice hotel villa that had a ton of space for us to shoot. My original plan had me shooting her outdoors, but the weather on the East Coast these last couple of weeks has been, quite frankly, shit. I encountered that during my drive too, which saw me hit five spurts of heavy rain and four traffic jams. All in all, it took me close to four hours to get to the hotel to check in. Still, I got there and awaited Mia's arrival.

It turns out that I wasn't the only one running a little behind. Mia sent me a few texts, telling me that she was running behind because of the shoot she had booked prior to ours. I assured her it was fine because I was starving and hadn't had time to eat. I went out and got food and told her to go ahead and finish up what she was doing. Plus, when I found out later on just what that shoot was, which I'm not going to describe here, I can't lie... I kind of liked it. I'll just leave it at that.

Mia Kay had a blast squeezing her testicles-shaped stress ball.

Once Mia arrived, we jumped right into her first set. The theme, bare feet and blue jeans (a recent fan request). And oh yeah, ballbusting! Well, within the limits of my site, that is. 

I found a stress ball shaped like a ball sack (seen above) for Mia to use as a prop for this one. My original intent was to just find two blue stress balls, but I couldn't pass up that one when I wandered upon it while shopping online. Mia sure liked them too. She was squeezing the ever living hell out of them and even commented on how they had two objects inside them to emulate testicles. She seemed to like them so much that I told her to go ahead and keep them. I think she's more excited to show her boyfriend than anything.

One final note about this first set, before we move to the second. As I shot this set, it was plain as day that Mia knew how to beat up, and possibly destroy a fella by the hurting she point on this gag stress ball. Maybe she's done it a time or two?

Mia Kay playing with her fishnet stockings.

After a quick outfit change into the schoolgirl outfit she brought with her, Mia was ready for her second set. She pulled on a pair of black fishnet thigh highs that I had picked up a few weeks ago and I pointed my camera her way. She looked good and I knew the night was going to be great.

This set also featured a bunch of props for Mia to interact with, including a couple of magnifying glasses. I wonder what hinted message she gave with those? You'll have to find out once the set is published. No spoilers here. I will say though, it was nice to do a set with classic black fishnets. I so often try to find unique stockings and forget that sometimes people enjoy the classics. If you're one of them, this set will surely be one you enjoy.

Mia Kay's candy hearts come with some very naughty messages.

Staying in the same spot we moved onto our third set of the day - one that I'll be saving until Valentine's Day 2019. Yes, that's nine months away, but I couldn't pass up this theme when I found a few items shopping online.

While looking for her "I Love Ballbusting" in the weeks leading up to her shoot, I also found a few more naughty ones that I thought were great. I shared screen shots of them with her and she adored every single one of them. I just had to have her wear them. You'll see some of the other ones in the sets yet to come. For this one, however, I'll let you read it yourself. 

Yup. Straightforward and to the point! And yes, the heart candies also have some very adult-themed sayings on them too. These aren't the hearts you traded in your Valentine's cards in school. Nope... Not at all!

Mia Kay's shirt and toe rings actually match in this set.

Since our villa was so large, I decided to give the master bedroom a go for the next two sets. First up for the new spot, and fourth of the day, featured yet another "graphic" tee, if you will. No, this one doesn't stand for the British Broadcasting Corporation.

In addition to the black shirt, you might have noticed that Mia is wearing two black toe rings as well. Let's just say that these two toe rings match that shirt, with one having the exact same three letters on it. I couldn't pass up getting these for her, and like the shirt, she loved them when I showed them to her. As a matter of fact, a few other ladies online that I shared them with, also had to know where to find them. If you're curious too, check out their Amazon storefront under the name Alternative Intentions.

When Mia sat down to slip the toe rings on, she said it had been forever since she had worn them.

"I don't think I've worn toe rings since I was in the eight grade," she laughed.

The set itself went pretty quickly. I made sure to get some top down shots of her toes to show off those toe rings. Don't worry! I also hear that there are plans for her to wear them in a scene another foot fetish producer is trying to set up with her. Hmm...

Mia Kay is ever the tease!

At this point, it was getting quite late. We had a bunch of set ideas still on the "to do" list, but we knew we weren't getting to them all. I actually listed way more than I knew we could shoot just so we could pick and choose from the lot. Staying in the master bedroom, we decided to go for the one final set that I had picked up a naughty themed shirt for. If you're having trouble making it out, it reads, "Shut up! I wear heels bigger than your dick!"

I had seen this shirt ages ago and considered getting it for Alice for one of her size tease themed sets. Instead, we ended up doing the Gummy Dicks and later, Fourth of July Hot Dogs sets. Still, she might yell at me for getting this shirt for Mia instead. She does enjoy the teasing sets with her big size 11 feet. Oh well, that'll just mean that she and I will have to be creative and come up with another idea for the next time she feels the need to tease the little fellas. Although, Mia did leave the shirt behind when she left. Alice could do one in the same shirt to tie the two together. Sister sets anyone?

Mia, however, did not hesitate with this one. The heels she brought with her fit the bill perfectly too. She measured them with the ruler to prove her point. The magnifying glass made another appearance here. it just seemed like the perfect tool to further get the message across.

Mia Kay was so looking forward to shooting this set.

It was now time to move the photo lights one last time to shoot a set that Mia was very much looking forward to. As you have seen over the last year or so, I have been shooting a handful of sets with models stepping in bowls of cereal. It's a little series I'm building called "Cereal Killers." So far, Mindee, Charlee, Melani, and Maya have done a set for the yet-unpublished series. Now, Mia has too.

For this last set, Mia had her hair tied in pigtails. She did it on her own and I think it looked so cute on her. I've always loved pig and ponytails. So simple, yet so adorable. You know what else was adorable though? Watching Mia squish her cereal! She even admitted that she's not a huge fan of milk, whiich made me scratch my head knowing how bad she wanted to shoot this one. Still, she had a blast doing it and making a little mess on the table.

With the conclusion of this set, I turned off the photo lights and put down the camera. Mia changed clothes and we sat down and rested after a late night of shooting. We checked out what people were saying about the shots I teased on the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) account. I also insisted on rubbing her feet for a while, which she sure didn't seem to mind, unless I tickled her a little bit. Mia's feet, especially between her toes, are quite ticklish. That's alright though, Mia knows how to give some payback. Isn't that right, Mia?

All in all, I'm so glad to have met and worked with Mia. Just like I said in the "Would Love to Shoot #16" entry, "I have a funny feeling I'm going to enjoy shooting her so much that it won't be a one time thing."

Maybe I should be a physic?

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