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Wu's Feature History - Mindee (2016)

In 2013 I began a blog series here on the Soles of Silk Blog that took a look back through Soles of Silk's numerous Wu's Feet Links Feature Model galleries. Ever since that time, I have added a new entry to the series with each and every Wu's Feet Links feature model gallery I do. Here is 2016's entry, featuring Mindee.

Mindee easily deserved to be featured in a Wu's Feet Links set again.

2016 Feature: Ferris-t of Them All
Model: Mindee
Shoe Size: 8
Set URL: (100 images)

If any of you have read my most recent column on the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog titled, "Wu's Feature Sets & Why They're Important to Me," you already know why I place so much importance on each and every Wu's Feet Links feature gallery I've ever done and still continue to do. This year's set, featuring Mindee, is no exception.

The July 2016 feature marks a first for Soles of Silk. Never before has one of my site models appeared in more than one feature set. This year's set, "The Ferris-t of Them All," changed that. In previous years I made it my mission to select a different model each and every set, including when Mindee did her first one, "Piggies & Power Girl," back in 2010.

My logic in always picking a new model was to take my site's most popular models, or ones who go out of their way for me, and showcase them as they deserve to be showcased. I like for them to get that spotlight and have a chance to shine. This year, however, I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than Mindee.

In recent years Mindee has been my go-to model. She's posed in so many amazing sets in recent years and has even gotten numerous friends and/or relatives to join the site's model roster. Four of those models will be making their debuts in succession starting next week. So if there is anyone who deserves to do another feature set in my eyes, Mindee is tops on that list - by a mile!

The decision to have Mindee be a feature model again in 2016 was one I made back in the summer of 2015, shortly after Kaycee's "Dockside Damsel" feature was published. Mindee and I were talking and I got the idea to have her be the site's first repeat model. Mindee was more than happy to do it, just as she is with each and every set we do.

For months now Mindee and I have tossed around possible shoot themes and ideas as it pertained to her upcoming feature. Little did we know, we wouldn't get to shoot it until about 10 days before it was set to be published. Things were kind of crazy for both of us this year. Add that to the horrible weather during the spring, and things just kept getting pushed back. So when my vacation was set for July 3-12, I knew we would find the time to finally make this happen.

In Mindee's first feature we didn't do much in the way of location. Instead, we focused on the theme, which was comics. With Mindee being busty and blonde, I immediately thought of one of my favorite comic heroines, Power Girl. She became the set's theme. This time, however, we decided to go more for location.

We made the trip down to an area called National Harbor here in Maryland, to shoot the 2016 feature. I had been wanting to use the waterfront location again for some new sets. I had left so much on the table from my only other visit to the location, namely the ferris wheel found at the end of the docks. When I told Mindee about the location, she loved it. I joked how she always finds herself in sets that feature amusement rides, having done three sets with roller coasters featured prominently.

Mindee's feature set would end up being the first of four sets we shot on the day. I won't get into all the details about the set here as I've already covered the shoot, along with the three others she did that day in the blog entry, "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 1 - Mindee." And if you're so inclined, keep reading through that series to see all the other sets Mindee was a part of that week - whether solo, or with the likes of Kelsey, Reese, Rein, Rilynn, and/or Noelle.

In closing, I just want to thank all of you for your support over the years. It's nice to chat with those of you who take the time to send me messages through various methods. Thanks for also showing Mindee all the love you have over the years. She really does love doing this! Whether it's the feedback, or my really long foot rubs, Mindee is barefoot at a moment's notice. I'm so very proud to have her represent Soles of Silk for a second time on Wu's Feet Links.

Talk about a breathtaking view! And the harbor wasn't bad either!

This concludes the Wu's Feet Links Feature History series for now. Next year an all new entry will be added to this series, and the model has already been determined for 2017's set. That model is none other than Alice.

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