Rest in Peace - Wu of Wu's Feetlinks

"It is with deep sorrow that we must inform you of the death of the original Wu, Alex F. Alex and BHE have been partners in producing and hosting for more than 15 years. We pledge to continue to maintain the high standards set by Alex." - BHE, May 18, 2014

Talk about a sad way to start off the day. Just last night I had signed into the Wu's Feetlinks Forum and noticed an influx of new members. With Wu not having been active for months and him being the only person who could approve newcomers, I was hopeful. No one knew why he wasn't around. It had been a mystery that was hotly debated on the forum. This morning, however, shattered that hope with the quote above, which can be found on Wu's Feetlinks splash and home pages.

I've said many times in the past - Wu was amazing and not just to myself, but the community as a whole. Although I never personally met him, I felt like we knew each other so well. If you consider how long we exchanged emails, I've probably known and communicated with him longer than some of my personal friends - we just never met in person.

It looks like BHE (the hosting company for Wu's Feetlinks) is going to try to maintain his site from here out. It is a valuable resource to lose from a business sense, but also, as a community sense. Wu's was always so much more than a place to advertise your updates, new models, etc. It was a place to talk, shoot the shit, tell Wu how bad his Redskins were, and so on! Yeah, I was always one to remind him how good the Ravens, only 50 or so miles north of him were doing. He was a true friend. I will miss him!


  1. I've only visited the Soles of Silk site a few times. Thus far, I find the models first rate and the photography of a high quality. Obviously, I've had no association or contact with Wu. However, I offer my condolences to you and the staff.
    Ray Troiano


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