Friday, September 13, 2013

Would Love to Shoot #6 - Dre Hazel, Kristen Jordan, & Koko Kitten

Welcome to the sixth installment of the "Would Love to Shoot" blog series. If you aren't unfamiliar with the series, what the Hell? Why haven't you been reading the previous five installments? Ha! I'm just kidding. But you might want to go back through the archives and give them a read. You'll find some great models with pretty feet in each!

The theme of this series remains the same. The girls below are ones whose work I enjoy and who I've come to adore in many cases. I don't know if I'll ever get to meet any of these girls face to feet... I mean face to face, but I still think they each deserve a shout out for what they've done. And should any of the girls in this series find their way in front of my camera, Soles of Silk would be an even better site because of it. Now, onto the three newest girls who I "Would Love to Shoot:" 

Dre Hazel

Twitter: @TheRealDreHazel
Website: Poses for numerous producers

I can't claim to know much about Dre Hazel. I haven't engaged in any long conversations with her, nor do I know if she is even aware of me, or Soles of Silk for that matter. I, however, have been aware of her for some time.

During my ventures onto my peers' websites, namely Space City Soles, I quickly became enamored by two very pretty soles and a cute smile. All three traits belonged to Dre. I knew I remembered that name, so I logged into Twitter and to Space City Soles' Twitter account (@SpaceCitySoles). I located Dre's account and noticed quite a few mutual followers, many of which were other models. I immediately added her.

Since I really haven't talked to Dre at this point it's obvious that I've never told her that I'd love to shoot her for Soles of Silk. So I guess this blog will say it for me, should she read it. With each one of these blog pieces I always state there are girls I might have never have talked to, or will probably never shoot, but these are still girls I think you should check out regardless. This is Dre at present. Maybe this will open a dialogue and if either of us find ourselves in the other's area, those soft soles could wind up in front of my camera. I'd be one happy fella should that happen. And if our paths never cross, I will always be a fan!

Footnote: Check out Space City Soles' shoot of Dre Hazel - this month's feature model set on Wu's Feetlinks

Kristen Jordan

Twitter: @KJForYou
Website: Poses for numerous producers

There is a funny story when it comes to Kristen Jordan. I followed her on Twitter as I had seen her in a number of adult scenes on a few sites I've been known to frequent. I began seeing a few Tweets pop up that caused me to go and take a closer look at this blonde haired beauty. That's when I realized that Kristen is a Baltimore girl!

Just for confirmation I sent her a Tweet and we began chatting through direct messages. I asked her if she is from Baltimore and/or lives here still. I know some people move to be closer to their work, so I was curious. Much to my delight, Kristen mentioned she is indeed local.

In future messages to Kristen I mentioned Soles of Silk and told her that I'd love to shoot her one day. She expressed an interest to do so as well. To say I was smiling like the Joker (minus the scars), would be an understatement! To this point, however, we haven't discussed any actual plans. At least we've introduced ourselves though.

Here in the sixth part of this "Would Love to Shoot" series I've only managed to shoot one of the girls I've featured thus far - that being Rachel DD (@ModelRachelDD). Like Kristen, Rachel was also a Maryland girl (she just recently moved). That being said, I'd love to add yet another hometown hottie to the sole mate roster in Kristen. Whether that day is in the near or distant future, I will continue to follow her on Twitter reading all those teasing Tweets she likes to send my way. I can only imagine what this girl would be like in front of the camera!

Koko Kitten

Twitter: @MeowKoko

I can remember when I saw the above picture of Koko Kitten on Wu's Feetlinks some time ago. Foot Night always contributes some great pictures of the girls who attend their parties to Wu's and needless to say, I sure wish I was at the one this Asian beauty was attending. A few months went by and low and behold I end up finding the girl in the photo on Twitter. I learned her name is Koko and I immediately followed her.

As I've stated countless times before, I have an major weakness for Asian girls - especially for barefoot ones. So needless to say, Koko's photo posts drove me nuts from the start. Her little feet are so adorable!

It's been some time since I've talked with Koko, but I shared my love of her work and mentioned Soles of Silk soon after I found her on Twitter. She thanked me, but we've never talked about getting together for a shoot. If that were to happen, one of us would have to find ourselves on the opposite coast with Koko over in Los Angeles.

I really hope in the years to come I am able to add more Asian girls to the site. Having Koko be one of them would be a major highlight and something I I'd certain cherish forever. While Koko has her toes scrunched above, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that maybe... just maybe, one day I find Koko baring her soles on Soles of Silk.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

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